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Advising and Student Development FAQ

Are brochures available about other colleges, universities, and careers?
Yes. Check with the Student Development office, Career and Testing Services, library, or Teaching-Learning Center on any campus. Florida Virtual Campus provides information on all Florida colleges, universities and many Florida private institutions.
Where can I pick up a catalog?
The catalog can be viewed online.
Where do I get a schedule of classes?
Schedules of classes are available online. Class schedule quick reference guides are available online, in all Student Development offices, as well as at libraries, chambers of commerce, and high schools in Hernando and Pasco counties.
How do I change my program?
Complete a program declaration form available at the Student Development office on any campus. This form cannot be obtained online at this time.
How do I change my schedule?
Schedules can be changed during regular registration or during the add/drop period by completing an SAR-5 form and submitting it to a student development assistant. However, ask for a copy of your revised schedule to ensure that you are enrolled in the correct courses and sections. Returning students who are in good academic standing without any holds are eligible to change their schedules online through WISE during the registration and drop/add periods.
Where can I get academic help or tutoring?
Tutoring is available in the Teaching-Learning Center on all five campuses. These centers are located in the library of each campus. For online tutoring, login to myPHSC and click on the Smarthinking link.
Where are academic advising services offered?
The advising office is located in Student Development on each campus.
How do I obtain advising or see an advisor?
If you have a quick question, go to the Student Development office and ask your question. For an involved question, you may need to make an appointment with an advisor for a later time.
Who is my advisor?
No single advisor will be assigned to you. However, you may want to establish a relationship with a particular advisor who will become familiar with your specific circumstances or be able to provide a letter of reference. Feel free to ask for that person when you schedule advising appointments.
What classes will I need to take?
That depends on which degree or certificate you want to pursue.
What degrees are available?
PHSC awards the Bachelor of Applied Science degree (BAS), Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree (BSN), Associate in Arts degree (AA), Associate in Science degree (AS), College Credit Certificates and Technical Credit Certificates. Please refer to the academic programs page or the catalog for information about degrees and programs.
What is a bachelor's degree?
A bachelor's degree (also baccalaureate) is usually earned for an undergraduate course of study that normally requires three to five years of study.
What is an Associate in Arts degree (AA)?
An Associate in Arts degree is a two year degree designed to prepare students to transfer to a four-year institution. The AA satisfies general education requirements and common prerequisites for entrance at the junior level as approved by the state articulation agreement.
What is an Associate in Science degree (AS)?
An Associate in Science degree is a degree planned to prepare students to transfer to specific Bachelor of Science programs and for job entry upon completion; program lengths vary for Associate in Science degrees.
What is a college credit certificate?
A College Credit Certificate is a college-credit program designed to prepare students to enter technical areas. Certificate lengths vary by program and are part of an Associate in Science degree.
What is an Applied Technology Diploma (ATD)?
An Applied Technology Diploma is a diploma offered either for technical credit or for college credit. Students entering an ATD must have a standard high school diploma or GED. The ATD allows the student to gain advance standing toward an AS degree. When the ATD program articulates into an AS degree, the credit awarded will be college credit. These Associate in Science degrees may be offered at any Florida state college.
What is a technical certificate (PSAV) program?
A Technical Credit Certificate program is a program designed to provide certain job-entry skills in a short period of time. Program lengths vary and do not result in college credit.
What is the advantage of a technical certificate?
A technical certificate usually can be completed in one year or less. It prepares the student to enter the workforce.
What is continuing education?
Continuing education courses are noncredit courses designed to meet specific technical and personal needs in the community.
What are e-learning courses?
E-learning courses are classes that either do not require a student to attend classes on campus or may require a small number of class meetings. They do not differ in content from on-campus courses. At PHSC, e-learning courses consist of online and hybrid courses. To find out more, please visit the online resources web portal.
What are hybrid courses?
Hybrid courses are classes that blend online and face-to-face delivery.
What types of online courses are offered?
Please visit the online schedule of classes and select online courses for the campus location.
Can I obtain my degree online?
PHSC offers the Associate in Arts, and the Bachelors of Science in Nursing degrees and some certificate programs online. Please see an academic advisor for more information.
What are Web-enhanced courses?
Web-enhanced courses are on-campus courses where the instructor uses myPHSC or the web to supplement their instruction. It can include online testing, retrieving materials, submitting assignments, discussion forums, or any combination of the items listed above.
How do I login to myPHSC?
For detailed instructions for logging into myPHSC, please click on the myPHSC login link at the top right of this Web page. On the myPHSC home page, the box labeled “How do I login?” includes detailed instructions for determining your username and password. Please follow those instructions.
When are fees due?
Please see the academic calendar for due dates each term.
Where do I pay my fees?
Students pay fees at the cashier’s window at the College Store. Fees can also be paid online through WISE.
What does “purged” mean?
Purged means you have been dropped (removed) from the course(s) for the nonpayment of fees by the specified date. The purge date for each semester can be found online on the academic calendar.
What happens if I am purged from classes?
You can reregister for classes (if they are still available) and pay for them on the due date by registering in Student Development or through WISE.
What is TIP?
The Tuition Installment Plan which allows you to pay your tuition in installments.
Am I eligible to enroll in this program?
TIP is available at all campuses and to all students at PHSC enrolled in credit courses.
Is this a loan program?
No, this is not a loan program. You have no debt, there is no interest or finance charges assessed, and there is no credit check.
Is there an enrollment fee to participate?
Yes. There is a $35-40 per semester non-refundable enrollment fee.
How many payment options do I have?
The earlier you enroll, the more payment options you have. Students who choose to use TIP may select installment plans that are spread over several months, depending on the semester.
How do I make payments?
A student may choose to make payments from his or her checking or savings account or by Discover, Visa, MasterCard, or American Express credit cards.
When are payments processed?
Payments are processed on the 20th of each month and continue until the balance is paid in full.
How do I enroll?
Go to the TIP web page for instructions.
What information do I need to enroll?
You will need your 8-digit student ID number and your WISE PIN number, the name, address and email of the person responsible for payment and the credit card or checking or savings account information of the person responsible for the payments.
How am I notified regarding my contract and payment plan?
You will be notified by the email address you provided upon enrollment. If you do not have an email address, a paper notification will be provided via regular mail.
What if I want to change the method of payment on my contract?
To change the method of payment, you must contact TIP directly. They may be reached at 1-800-609-8056.
What happens to my contract if I drop or add a course?
You must contact the financial services office at 727-816-3481.
What is the procedure for graduation?
When you think you are ready to graduate:
What is orientation?
Orientation is a two-hour day, evening or online session where important information about the college and its procedures are explained. This information is designed to help you to become a successful student at PHSC.
Do I have to attend orientation?
Yes. It is mandatory that every student attend an orientation session prior to registering for classes for their first semester.
How do I know when orientation is scheduled?
Orientation sessions are held on an ongoing basis. Consult the online orientation schedule or contact the Student Development office at any of the five campuses to schedule an appointment.
What if I am unable to attend the orientation for which I am scheduled?
Please call Student Development at any PHSC campus to reschedule.
How do I register for classes?
If you are a first time student, you will register after your required advisement/orientation session, and after testing (if required) has been completed.
Is there a fee for adding or dropping a class?
No. However, there is a $20 late registration fee if you register after the regular registration period. The late registration fee begins on the first day of the term.
Can I register if I have not taken the placement exam?
You must complete the PERT or provide scores from the CPT, SAT or ACT taken within the last two years for admission to all AS and AA programs and some certificate programs. The Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE) must be taken for most technical certificate programs within the first six weeks after classes begin. Some Florida high school and active military students may be exempt from testing. Make an appointment to speak with an advisor for more information.
What if I register late?
If you register during the late registration period you will incur a $20 late fee. Late registration begins on the first day of the term.
Do all students need a photo ID?
Yes. Your photo ID is also your library card.
Where do I get a photo ID?
Once you have paid your tuition, take the receipt to the library at your home campus to obtain your ID card.
Is there a cost for the photo ID?
There is no charge for the initial photo ID. If the card is lost, there is a $10 replacement fee.
What does it mean to audit a class?
To audit a class means to register and take the class, but no credit is awarded. A grade of “X” is placed on the transcript. Please see the Student Development office for qualifying classes.
Can I audit a PHSC class?
Yes, auditing is allowed for college-credit classes with permission and registration. Please check with an advisor for qualifying courses and procedures.
Is there a fee for auditing a class?
Yes, you pay regular credit tuition to audit a class.
Do I need to submit a transcript to audit a class at PHSC?
What does it mean to withdraw from a class?
To withdraw means that you remove yourself from a course without academic penalty.
How do I withdraw from a class?
Go to the Student Development office on any main campus and complete the withdrawal form to withdraw from a class.
Is there a withdrawal deadline date?
Yes. Check the academic calendar or catalog for withdrawal dates.
Is there a limit to how many times I may withdraw from a course?
Yes. You will be permitted to withdraw from a course a maximum of twice. On your third attempt, you are not eligible for withdrawal and must receive a grade. Also, you will be required to pay the full cost of tuition for the third attempt of a course at PHSC.