Clubs and organizations

Participation in extracurricular student activities is encouraged. Students having common interests may form clubs, groups, or organizations as approved by the campus Student Government Association and the college administration. Participation in events are free for all PHSC students.


Citizen Scholar Program

The Citizen Scholar Program encourages students to engage in service learning and civic engagement.

Community Service Events

Pitch in and help yourself and your community. You always get more out of volunteering than you put into it. Each campus has CARES— a community service program with scheduled events. Look for updates or ask for information in student activities.

Cultural Enhancement Events

Hispanic Heritage Month, National Mentoring Month, Black History Month and Women's History Month events are all planned to provide opportunities to connect with and learn from others.

Kids & Sibs

Children are the focus of these family friendly events. Bring your kids or siblings to participate in these fun and free events. Each campus has one event each month.


Find your inner strength and hidden talents. Workshops are designed to improve your leadership and interpersonal skills outside the classroom. We recognize the importance of developing skills that will directly apply in a career; so don’t just get your degree, plot out your education. Visit our Summer Leadership Retreat page for more information.

Student Ambassador and Peer Mentor Programs

PHSC's Student Ambassador and Peer Mentor programs offer students an opportunity to develop and utilize their leadership and communication skills.

Student ambassadors are student leaders selected to promote and represent the College in various capacities. Members of this highly visible, influential group are dedicated to positive College representation and influence. They will participate in College tours, recruitment events, campus events, photo shoots and promotion of social opportunities and student services.

Peer mentors, under the direction of the coordinator of retention and the Academic Success Centers work directly with students to increase retention, academic success, personal growth and College involvement. Peer mentors keep students informed about College support services, resources and new initiatives to ensure a positive college experience.