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Discipline description

The purpose of the College’s humanities discipline is to provide students with the opportunity to explore the areas of the arts (art, photography, architecture, graphic design, music, theatre, film and dance), religion, philosophy and foreign language.  Students will develop a knowledge and appreciation for the individual disciplines, their inter-relationships and their diverse social, cultural and historical perspectives and will explore the many facets of the human experience as revealed in these disciplines. Opportunities to learn and grow in the creative and performance disciplines are also available to the students in the humanities.

Learning objectives

Humanities students who complete humanities courses at the College will:

  • Learn critical, analytical and reflective thinking skills
  • Understand the theory and practice of the various humanistic disciplines
  • Develop critical research and writing skills
  • Understand diverse historical and cultural perspectives
  • Understand the world’s philosophical traditions
  • Develop and expand their understanding and fluency in foreign languages
  • Develop effective preparation for lifelong learning

Students are encouraged to participate in student organizations such as the Drama Club, Fine Art Club and Pasco-Hernando American Sign Language Alliance, as well as participate in Peace Week, Art and Culture Week and other cultural activities provided by the College.