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Discipline description

The purpose of the College’s mathematics discipline is to provide:

  • A firm foundation in mathematics that ensures the ability to grasp more complicated concepts in any baccalaureate institutions’ mathematics related major programs
  • Learning opportunities that take into consideration the diversity of our students
  • Remedial mathematics instruction that ensures the ability to be successful in college level math courses
  • An environment that is learning centered and student focused
  • A strong mathematics background, in order for our students to be able to apply mathematics to solve real world problems, becoming productive global citizens and lifelong learners

Learning objectives:

  • Develop quantitatively literate individuals who demonstrate the ability to think critically, reason logically and problem solve in a systematic way
  • Develop competence in mathematical concepts, techniques and methods
  • Sharpen students’ mathematical intuition and abstract reasoning
  • Calculate arithmetic, algebraic, geometric and statistical quantities using appropriate technology
  • Represent mathematical information numerically, symbolically, graphically, verbally and visually using appropriate technology
  • Interpret mathematical models such as formulas, functions, graphs and tables, drawing conclusions and making inferences based on those models
  • Communicate mathematical thoughts and ideas clearly and concisely to others in oral and written form
  • Appreciate the power and usefulness of mathematics