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Peace and Social Justice Institute

Statement of philosophy and mission

The Peace and Social Justice Institute (PSJI) disseminates transdisciplinary knowledge about the nature of peace and social justice. The institute guides students through theoretical and practical applications of peace pedagogy via a variety of courses, symposia, workshops and service-oriented opportunities.

Learning outcomes: Students will understand violence prevention and reduction through tolerance, human behavior, and the resolution of social and economic dilemmas. Students will appreciate the powerful issues relevant to peace and conflict mediation, and develop the critical skills necessary for social and economic change and environmental stewardship.

The institute addresses the following relevant themes:

  • Prevention of violence
  • Understanding of methods of international, national. and domestic conflict mediation
  • Understanding of skills of peacemaking
  • Understanding of skills of peacekeeping
  • Affirmation of and advocacy for human dignity and human rights
  • Promotion of cooperation and constructive dialogue
  • Understanding and prevention of structural violence
  • Appreciation of the individual and collective conscience
  • Acceptance of pluralism and multicultural understanding
  • Repudiation of the devaluation of life
  • Appreciation for nature/ecology, the environment and animal life
  • Appreciation and exploration of cultural heritage
  • Achievement of alternatives to militarization and armed conflict
  • Promotion of altruism and prosocial behaviors
  • Development of a genuine commitment to building and supporting nurturing and harmonious communities