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Social and Behavioral Sciences

Discipline description

The purpose of the College’s social and behavioral sciences discipline is to provide students with the opportunity to gain a solid understanding of individuals, cultures and societies, as well as skills that will be helpful in solving many of the world's most pressing social problems. Students are presented with situations that challenge them to think constructively, creatively and critically about themselves and others.  Courses tend to be interactive and even interdisciplinary and/or multidisciplinary.

Our department offers students a variety of courses in history, sociology, psychology, political science and other related fields. We prepare students for majors in these fields as well as provide opportunities for personal enrichment and development.

Service learning and civic engagement learning opportunities are also incorporated into our course offerings. We are actively involved in establishing the Peace Institute which aims to promote nonviolent conflict resolution on the personal and social-communal level. Our faculty serve as advisors to Psi Beta and Phi Theta Kappa, the Women’s Resource Group, and other campus clubs.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand the various social and personal structures that influence relationships
  • Develop effective citizenship skills and appreciate their role in influencing social policy and social change
  • Develop self-respect and respect for the institutions that influence lives
  • Develop a sense of responsibility for self and others
  • Appreciate cultural, historical and psychological factors that influence lives
  • Appreciate cultural, religious, ethnic, gender and socio-economic diversity