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  • Professionally dressed male and female students

Business Programs

The business industry is complex—it is composed of organizations with multiple locations, equipment, and technologies. Responsibilities within this field vary greatly and are influenced by many factors. In small operations, a single manager may oversee all support services. Larger businesses often employ multiple layers of management, with professionals overseeing specific services dedicated to sales, billing, customer support or human resources. Entry level managers may report to senior level managers, directors, or vice presidents. At PHSC, we provide you with the career guidance, preparation, training, and the support that you need to find yourself in a career in business.

Enjoy planning, scheduling and delegating tasks? Are you a team player who manages time, stress and projects well? Then a career in business may be a good fit for you. Preparing for a career in business opens countless opportunities for employment and advancement. Though some entry level positions may not require more than a high school diploma along with appropriate experience, an associate degree is increasingly preferred. Employees who have completed degrees or certificate programs are more likely to earn promotions with more responsibilities.

Business careers require bachelor's degrees for higher-level managers— often with specializations in business administration, human resources, marketing, accounting or finance. Other managers also may need a bachelor's degree, but related postsecondary technical training may be substituted. Regardless of major, courses in office technology, accounting, computer applications, human resources, marketing and business law are highly recommended.