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New Developmental Education Options

Due to recent legislative changes, you may be exempted from the requirements of common placement testing and developmental education if you meet the following criteria. You must submit the following documents to be exempted:

  • For Florida high school students who started in the ninth grade (beginning in 2003-04) and graduated with a standard Florida high school diploma in 2007 or later, an official high school transcript is required. 
  • For active duty military students claiming this exemption, a military status identification card, documentation of active orders or an LES Statement must be provided.

These documents must be presented to an admissions representative at any PHSC campus for your exemption to be processed.  After your exemption has been processed, you must meet with an advisor to discuss and choose your options for testing and developmental education based on your exemption.

With this exemption,

  • You are eligible to enroll in MAT1033 Intermediate Algebra and courses that require college-level reading and writing readiness and require no other pre-requisites. 
  • You may opt to take the common placement test to help identify where you need additional preparation. Regardless of your scores, you shall not be required to enroll in developmental education. 
  • You may choose to enroll in developmental education in order to improve your skills before enrolling in college-level courses. 

Your advisor can provide additional information on developmental education options.