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Health Programs

The health care industry is vast—595,800 establishments make up this evergrowing industry, each varying in size, staffing and organizational structure. Careers within the industry are also diverse. Many health care providers come in direct contact with patients routinely, while others work in specialized positions behind the scenes. As advances to procedures and changes to the system are implemented, continuing education is necessary. At PHSC, we provide you with the career guidance, preparation, training, and the support that you need to find yourself in a career in health care.

Enjoy a fast-paced, continuously evolving environment? Then a career in health care may be right for you. Health care combines medical technology with the human touch. The health care system operates within a complex framework of providers and organizations. The proper diagnosis, treatment and recovery for patients require that health care team members perform specialized functions and collaborate effectively with one another. Most health care providers work closely with people and should have a warm, caring personality.

Health care providers' educational backgrounds range from certificates to doctoral degrees; however, most positions require fewer than four years of education or training.