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  • Male and female welding students
  • male student working with computer cabling
  • Drafting student

Industry and Technology Programs

What you will find in an industry career

Commercial and industrial workers combine art, business and engineering to create the products people use every day. Style, function, quality and safety are of utmost importance in the manufacturing field. Because of the variety of consumer goods, industrial employees enjoy highly specialized jobs in many product categories. Industrial managers lead a team of employees and manage complex projects, while engineers, designers, welders and other specialists expedite production within their areas of expertise. Products continuously being developed and upgraded include: motor vehicles, appliances, medical equipment, furniture, tools, buildings, roadways, household goods and construction equipment.

What you will find in a technology career

Technology is an essential component of everyday living and a key operational element in virtually every successful business. Because computers are vital to processing and managing information at home, school and in the business world, opportunities in technical fields continue to expand. Routinely computers require maintenance, protection and repair. For routine operations, organizing data, and designing custom programs that yield interpretable results, nearly every organization and industry relies on the skills of computer programmers, data entry and information processors and a variety of computer specialists within this exciting field.

The Florida Trade Grant

PHSC, in partnership with eleven Florida state and community colleges, offers multi-level training and tuition funding assistance to help meet the shortage of skilled workers in Florida’s manufacturing industry. Learn more about the Florida TRADE Grant programs.