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College-Level Examination Program

The College-Level Examination Program® (CLEP) helps you receive college credit for what you already know, for a fraction of the cost of a college course. Developed by the College Board, CLEP is the most widely accepted credit-by-examination program and is offered by PHSC’s Career and Testinng Services. Pass any of the 33 CLEP exams and achieve your college and career goals.

Exam Scale Score of 50 for Passing Comments
Accounting, Principles of ACG X001 (min. 3 credits Replaced by Financial Accounting exam on 7-1-2007.
Algebra, College MAC X105 (min. 3 credits)  
Algebra-Trig, College MAC X 1447 (min.4 credits) Can substitute for MAC X 140 Replaced by Precalculus on 7-1-2006.
American Government POS X041 (min. 3 credits)  
American Literature AML X000 (min. 3 credits)  
Analyzing and Interpreting Literature No direct equivalent Recommend American or English Literature
Biology, General BSC X005 (min. 3 credits) No lab credit
Business Law, Introduction to BUL X241 (min. 3 credits)  
Calculus MAC X233 (min. 3 credits)  
Chemistry, General CHM X0202 or X025 (min. 3 credits) No lab credit
College Composition ENC X101 and ENC X102 (min. 6 credits)  
College Composition Modular ENC X101 and ENC X102 ( min. 6 credits) No guaranteed credit for College Composition Modular without essay portion.
Educational Psychology Intro EDP X002 (min. 3 credits)  
English Composition with Essay ENC X 101 (min. 3 credits) Replaced by College Composition.
English Literature ENL X000 (min. 3 credits)  
Financial Accounting ACG X001 (min. 3 credits)  
French Language On level 1 French exam – 1 semester of elementary language I (min. 3 credits) On level 2 French exam – score of 59 earns minimum of two semesters of elementary language I and II (min. 6 credits). No literature credit.
Freshman Composition No direct equivalent
Recommend English Comp with essay instead
Replaced by College Composition Modular.
German Language On level I German Language exam – 1 semester of elementary language I (min. 3 credits) On level 2 German Language exam – score of 60 earns a minimum of 2 semesters of Elementary Language I and II (min. 6 credits). No literature credit.
History o the US I Early Colonization to 1887 AMH 010 (min. 3 credits)  
History of the US II 1865-Present AMH 020 (min. 3 credits)  
Human Growth and Development DEP X004 (min. 3 credits)  
Humanities HUM X235 or HUM X250 (min. 3 credits0 Interdisciplinary exam – 50% literature and 50% fine arts.
Information Systems and Computer Applications CGS X077 (min. 3 credits) CGS X077 is unique to this exam. Exam content updated frequently.
Macroeconomics, Principle of ECO X013 (min. 3 credits)  
Management, Principles of MAN X021 (min. 3 credits)  
Marketing, Principles of MAR X011 (min. 3 credits)  
Mathematics, College MGF X106 or MGF X017 (min.3 credits) Exam covers sets (10%), Logic (10%), Real Numbers (20%), Functions and Graphs (20%), Probability and Statistics (25%).
Microeconomics, Principle of ECO X023 (min. 3 credits)  
Natural Science No direct equivalent Interdisciplinary exam: 50% biological science and 50% physical science.
Precalculus MAC X140 (min.3 credits)  
Psychology, Introductory PSY X012 (min. 3 credits)  
Social Science and History No direct equivalent recommend specific subject exams instead  
Sociology, Introductory SYG X000 (min. 3 credits)  
Spanish Language On level I Spanish language exam – I semester of Elementary Language I (min. 3 credits) On level 2 Spanish Language exam – score of 63 earns a minimum of two semesters of Elementary Language I and II (min. 6 credits). No literature credit. College Board recommended score change from 66-63 in spring 2007.
Trigonometry MAC X114 (min. 2 credits) Replaced by Precalculus on 7-1-2006.
Western Civilization I Ancient Near East to 1648 EUH X000 (min. 3 credits)  
Western Civilization II: 1648 to present EUH X001 (min. 3 credits)