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Common Placement Testing and Enrollment in College Preparatory Courses

Who must take the College Placement Test?

  1. Students who are in college for the first time and declaring into the Associate in Arts (AA) program or the Associate in Science (AS) programs are required to take the state mandated placement test.
  2. Exceptions may be made for students with appropriate SAT and ACT scores that are less than two years old, for students with a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution, for students with transfer credits in both college-level English and mathematics courses with “C” or higher grades, for transient students and for students who are members of the Encore Academy and are nondegree seeking.
Notice: Revised Placement Test Scores
Effective October 22, 2013
The test scores a student must achieve to demonstrate college readiness were revised by the State Board of Education on September, 17, 2013. ACT (reading subtest) and P.E.R.T. (reading, writing, and math subtests) tests administered on or after October 22, 2013 will be affected. Refer to the Student Testing and Placement Chart for course placement based on subtest scores and the test administration date.

Administrative Guidelines

  1. Students will be tested prior to their initial registration for college-level course work.
  2. Students are permitted to retake the college-level placement test one time after 24 hours have elapsed since the initial test was administered. Students requesting an additional retake must wait a minimum of 30 days before the next retest will be administered.
  3. Students requesting to retake the test will be charged a fee for each additional retake.
  4. Students who have already begun any college preparatory course can only retake the college placement test upon referral to an advisor by their instructor on a case-by-case basis and after discussion of the academic and financial aid impact of the placement test, if appropriate. After retesting, if test scores warrant a withdrawal, it shall be the student’s responsibility to communicate the test results to the instructor and to withdraw from the course prior to the last official date of withdrawal as determined by the College calendar.
  5. No retests of the college placement test for students enrolled in college preparatory classes will be permitted after the last date to withdraw.
  6. Individual student scores shall be valid for two years.

Placement Guidelines

  1. Students scoring below the assigned cut off scores shall be required to enroll in the appropriate college preparatory courses. In accordance with Rule 6A-10.0315, (17), Florida Administrative Code (FAC), all students shall begin competency based preparatory instruction based on the placement test results prior to completing 12 credits; however, students may continue enrollment in degree related coursework provided they maintain continuous enrollment in college preparatory coursework for each subsequent semester until college preparatory coursework requirements are completed  and students demonstrate satisfactory performance in degree related coursework.
  2. Students scoring at or just slightly above the assigned cut off scores may enroll in college preparatory instruction if the College determines that such enrollment would enhance the student’s opportunity for future academic success. The determination of enrollment would be made after advising the student and considering other predictors of academic performance. Also, students may be moved into or from college-level courses in accordance with IMM # 3-1, Transfer Between Communication and Computation Courses, in accordance with Rule 6A-10.0315 (13), FAC.
  3. In accordance with Rule 6A-10.0315, (20), FAC, students who require college preparatory courses may not enroll in the following categories of college credit courses while completing their college preparatory coursework:
    • Students who are deficient in mathematics may not enroll in any mathematics courses or other courses that require mathematics skills that are beyond the skill level of the student.
    • Students who are deficient in English and/or reading skills may not enroll in Gordon Rule courses or other courses that require communication skills that are beyond the skill level of the student.
    • Students who are deficient in all three areas may enroll in college-level courses such as orientation courses, college success courses or other courses that are not dependent on college-level computation and communication skills.
  4. Students shall not enroll for more than three attempts in each college preparatory course within a skill area. Students may enroll in a noncredit course provided by PHSC, another public educational institution or a private provider to acquire the skills needed. Such students will be required to retake the college placement test and achieve the state mandated scores before enrolling in college credit courses in communications, mathematics or courses requiring these skills.
  5. Students testing into college preparatory courses are not permitted to audit required college preparatory courses; however, students who have scores exceeding college preparatory levels and who are using these courses for review may audit such courses.