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TodayCare FAQ

Will the program accept vouchers from Pasco Hernando Early Learning Coalition (PHELC)?
Yes, we are currently a provider with PHELC.
Is there a limit to the number of hours my child can be in care during the day?
Yes, the maximum number of hours per day is 10.
Will the center provide transportation to and from local elementary schools?
No, transportation will not be provided.
Is there a registration fee for the center?
Yes. Students: $25 per term or $50 annually; Faculty, staff and community: $75 annually
The information states the center takes children through age 10. What about children who are 11 but still in fifth grade?
The center takes children through fifth grade.
What is the student rate for the center?
For the entire rate structure, please see the tuition schedule
What are the plans for security at the center?
The center is equipped with a security system as well as a secure keypad entry system at the front door. Parents and faculty of the center will be assigned a code, which they will enter in order to enter the facility. After 6:30 p.m., parents will ring the doorbell to gain access to the facility.
What type of training is required for faculty of the center?
Each faculty member will have a background check performed and will be fingerprinted. In addition, each faculty will be trained in Pediatric First Aid and Infant/Toddler CPR. The Department of Children and Families requires each faculty member to receive the minimum requirement of a 40-hour training program, which addresses the needs of young children in early childhood programs. In addition, DCF also requires 10 hours of training on an annual basis. TodayCare requires faculty to receive an additional 10 hours of training, totaling 20 hours annually.
Will we receive a parent handbook and policies of the center?
Yes, each family who enrolls a child will receive a parent handbook and the policies of the center.
What happens to my child when I graduate from PHSC?
We feel strongly that consistency is an important factor in choosing an early childhood program. In order to maintain that consistency, upon graduation of a student, his/her child would be invited to remain in the center until the end of the following semester. However, in the term after the student graduates, he/she must pay community rates (unless he/she takes additional PHSC classes).
How will the center get in touch with parents while they are in class?
The center will have important demographic information on each parent and family member permitted to pick up the child, including telephone numbers. If the center needed to get in touch with a parent, they would use the telephone numbers provided. In the event the center is unsuccessful, the Student Development office and security could be used in order to find the parent on campus.
Does the center accommodate children with special needs?
The center will meet with the family to determine the needs of the child and together with the family decide if the program can meet both the child's and the family's needs.
What will the children sleep on at the center?
Infants will have individual cribs. Toddlers through pre-kindergarten children in the core program will sleep on a cot within their classroom.
What activities are available for the school age children?
All children will benefit from developmentally appropriate activities written specifically for their age group. Activities for the children will include hands on experiences through play and exploration of the world around them.
What type of surface does the playground consist of?
The playground is made up of several different surfaces including a concrete area with climbing structures and a rubber surface for outside play.
Will the center faculty help when my child is ready to be potty trained?
Yes, faculty of the center will work with families to facilitate any potty training efforts between home and school.
How will the drop-in children be grouped in the evening?
The drop-in program has two separate classrooms where children will spend their time. Two year olds through school age will be grouped according to group size.
What are the ages of the infant program? The toddler program?
Infants are six weeks through 12 months. Toddlers are 12 months through 24 months.
Does the center follow the same calendar as the college?
No, the center has its own holiday calendar.
Date Holiday
January 19 Martin Luther King Day (evening only)
May 25 Memorial Day
July 3 Independence Day Observed
September 7 Labor Day
November 11 Veterans Day
November 26-27 Thanksgiving
December 24 Half-day if ten students or more sign up for care
December 25- January 1 Winter break
How many centers does TodayCare currently operate?
TodayCare Children’s Centers currently operates six centers in the states of Alabama, California, Florida, North Carolina, and Tennessee. TodayCare Children's Center at PHSC was their first center in Florida. They also manage the center at St. Joseph's Hospital in Tampa.
Is there a sibling discount?
Yes, the center will discount the oldest child’s tuition ten percent per week, for full time enrollment.
What are the hours of the center?
The center will operate the core program from 6:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday. The drop-in program will operate from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. Monday through Thursday.
Is the center open on the weekends?
No, since the majority of classes are scheduled during the week, the center will not be open on the weekends.
How many hours per week can I use the center?
There is no limit on the number of hours you may use the center per week.