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Course Descriptions

Computer Engineering Tech
Course No. Title
CET1610 Routing and Switching Essentials—Cisco Academy
CET2615 Scaling Networks—Cisco Academy
CET2620 Connecting Networks—Cisco Academy
CET2793 Windows Server Administration
CET2880 Introduction to Computer Forensics
Computers: General Studies
Course No. Title
CGS1000 Computer Concepts
CGS1100 Microcomputer Applications
CGS1820 Web Page Design
CGS2108 Advanced Microcomputer Applications
CGS2304 Managing Information Technology
CGS2821 Graphics and Multimedia in a Web Environment
CGS2827 Advanced Web Page Design
Course No. Title
CHM1020 Chemistry in Your Life
CHM1025 Introductory Chemistry
CHM1025L Introductory Chemistry Laboratory
CHM2045 General Chemistry and Qualitative Analysis I
CHM2045L General Chemistry and Qualitative Analysis I Laboratory
CHM2046 General Chemistry and Qualitative Analysis II
CHM2046L General Chemistry and Qualitative Analysis II Laboratory
CHM2210C Organic Chemistry I
CHM2211C Organic Chemistry II
Computer and Information System
Course No. Title
CIS2930 Information Technology Internship
CIS2941 Information Technology Internship
Course No. Title
CJC1000 Introduction to Corrections
Criminal Justice Development
Course No. Title
2009 Criminal Justice Career Enhancement
Law Enforcement
Course No. Title
CJE1000 Introduction to Law Enforcement
CJE1300 Police Organization and Administration
CJE1500 Police Operations
CJE1640 Criminalistics
CJE2400 Police Community Relations
CJE2601 Introduction to Criminal Investigation
Law and Process
Course No. Title
CJL2062 Rules of Evidence for Police
CJL2100 Criminal Law
Clinical Psychology
Course No. Title
CLP2140 Abnormal Psychology
Computer Networks
Course No. Title
CNT1000 Introduction to Networking
CNT1401 Principles of Information, Security and Assurance
CNT2405 Firewalls and Virtual Private Networks
CNT2510 Wireless LANs and Security
CNT2700 Advanced Networking Concepts
Course No. Title
COM2411 Intercultural Communication
Computer Programming
Course No. Title
COP1000 Introduction to Software Development
COP1332 Visual Basic .NET Programming
COP1839 Web Programming with Visual Basic .NET
COP2071 Access Programming and SQL
COP2654 Mobile Application Development
COP2801 JavaScript Programming
Comparative Politics
Course No. Title
CPO2002 Introduction to Comparative Politics
Creative Writing
Course No. Title
CRW2001 Creative Writing I
CRW2002 Creative Writing II
CRW2003 Creative Writing III