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Course Descriptions

Health Information Management
Course No. Title
HIM1110 Healthcare Delivery Systems
HIM1212 Health Records Data and Workflow Management
HIM1222 Basic lCD Coding
HIM1433 Pathophysiology for Health Information Technology
HIM1442 Pharmacology for Health Information Technology
HIM1722 ICD─CM Coding
HIM1800 Health Information Technology Practicum I
HIM2003 Healthcare Informatics Practicum
HIM2212 Health Records Data Analysis and Workflow Management
HIM2214 Healthcare Statistics
HIM2253 Basic CPT Coding
HIM2273 Billing and Reimbursement Methods
HIM2506 Quality Assessment
HIM2652 Electronic Health Records
HIM2723 ICD─PCS Coding
HIM2815 Health Information Technology Practicum II
HIM2820 Healthcare Information Technology Practicum III
HIM2822 Health Information Technology Capstone Seminar
History: General
Course No. Title
HIS2300 War and Society
Health Science
Course No. Title
HSC1100 Personal and Community Health
HSC1101 Perspectives of Health and Wellness
HSC2531 Medical Terminology
Course No. Title
HUM1020 Introduction to Humanities
HUM2210 Humanities: The Ancient World to the Middle Ages
HUM2230 Humanities: The Renaissance to the Modern Day
HUM2700 Overseas Study in the Humanities
HUM2711 American Studies in the Humanities
HUM2930 Themes in the Humanities
Human Nutrition
Course No. Title
HUN1270 Sports Nutrition
HUN2201 Science of Human Nutrition
Human Services
Course No. Title
HUS1001 Introduction to Human Services
HUS1302 Basic Counseling Skills
HUS1540 Principles for Understanding and Working with Families
HUS2200 Introduction to Group Dynamics
HUS2400 Substance Abuse Counseling
HUS2525 Issues in Mental Health
HUS2530 The Disabled Experience
HUS2940 Human Services Practicum I
HUS2941 Human Services Practicum II
Interdisciplinary Studies
Course No. Title
IDS2942 Service-Learning Practicum
International Relations
Course No. Title
INR1015 World Perspectives
INR2002 Introduction to International Relations
Interdisciplinary Social Science
Course No. Title
ISS2160 Contemporary Ethnic Diversity Issues
ISS2263 Psychosocial Aspects of the Holocaust
Course No. Title
JOU2100 Journalistic Writing and Reporting
Library and Information Studies
Course No. Title
LIS1000 Introduction to Information Literacy
LIS2004 Introduction to Internet Research
Course No. Title
LIT1000 Introduction to Literature
LIT1020 Introduction to Short Fiction
LIT2110 World Literature: The Ancient World through the Renaissance