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Noncredit Course Descriptions

Course No. Title
NCB0031 College Personnel Management Seminar
NCB0051 College Personnel Seminar
NCB0142 Divorce and Its Impact on Children
NCB0208 Life Skills for Success
NCB0211 Student Leadership Training
Course No. Title
NCC0020 Microsoft Office Professional / Intro
NCC0029 Microsoft Excel for Windows
NCC0030 Microsoft Access for Windows
NCC0031 Microsoft Word
NCC0032 Microsoft Powerpoint for Windows
NCC0048 Internet Basics
NCC0061 Computer Basics
NCC0069 Computer Basics II
NCC0075 Microsoft Outlook for Windows
NCC0079 Microsoft Word for Windows
NCC0082 Desktop Publishing
NCC0085 Computer File Management
Law Enforcement
Course No. Title
NCG0002 Interviews and Interrogations
NCG0003 Florida General Instructor Techniques
NCG0010 Breath Test Operator Intoxilyzer
NCG0014 Advanced Report Writing and Review
NCG0020 Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs Investigation
NCG0025 Line Supervision
NCG0026 Injury and Death Investigations
NCG0027 Sex Crimes Investigation
NCG0029 Case Preparation and Court Presentation
NCG0031 Discipline and Special Confinement
NCG0032 Special Tactical Problems
NCG0036 Emergency Preparedness for Correctional Officers
NCG0037 Field Training Officer Course for Law Enforcement Officers
NCG0038 Breath Test Operator Renewal
NCG0046 Crises Intervention
NCG0062 Cell Extraction
NCG0066 Stress Management Techniques
NCG0082 Agency Inspector
NCG0085 General Instructor Refresher
NCG0090 CMS First Aid Instructors Course
NCG0099 Developing and Maintaining a Sound Organization
NCG0102 CMS Vehicle Operations Instructor
NCG0103 Speed Measurement Course
NCG0105 Gang and Security Threat Groups
NCG0108 Inmate Manipulation
NCG0110 Field Training Officer Course for Corrections Officers
NCG0111 Report Writing for Supervisors
NCG0112 Criminal Justice Officer Ethics
NCG0113 School Resource Officer
NCG0114 Financial Fraud Investigations
NCG0115 Investigating Crimes Against Children
NCG0116 Responding to Veterans