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Course Descriptions

Course No. Title
MAN3240 Organizational Behavior
MAN3353 Management Theory and Practices
MAN4301 Human Resource Management
MAN4900 Capstone Project in Supervision and Management
MAN4940 Business Internship
Public Administration
Course No. Title
PAD3034 Policy Development and Implementation
PAD3820 Foundations of Public Safety Administrations
PAD3874 Community Relations Theory and Practice
PAD4223 Public Budgeting and Finance
PAD4232 Grant Administration and Resource Development
PAD4930 Selected Topics in Public Safety Administration
PAD4940 Public Safety Administration Internship
Earth Science
Course No. Title
ESC1000 Introduction to Earth Science
World History
Course No. Title
WOH2040 20th Century World History
Course No. Title
FIL1000 Introduction to Film
Electronic Engineering Technology
Course No. Title
EET1084 Introduction to Electronics
Engineering Technology: Mechanical
Course No. Title
ETM1010 Mechanical Measurement & Instrumentation
ETM2315 Hydraulics and Pneumatics
Engineering Technology: Specialty
Course No. Title
ETS1511 Motors and Controls
ETS1542 Introduction to Programmable Logic