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Course Descriptions

Education: Early Childhood
Course No. Title
EEC2202 Preschool Curriculum II
EEC2271 Young Children with Special Needs
EEC2401 Parent/Community Relationships
EEC2732 Infants, Toddlers and Caregivers
EEC2941 Child Care Practicum
Education: Technology and Media
Course No. Title
EME2040 Introduction to Technology for Educators
Emergency Medical Services
Course No. Title
EMS1119 Emergency Medical Technology
EMS1119L Emergency Medical Technology Laboratory
EMS1431 Emergency Medical Technology Clinical
EMS2620 Paramedics I
EMS2620L Paramedics I Laboratory
EMS2621 Paramedics Clinical I
EMS2622 Paramedics II
EMS2622L Paramedics II Laboratory
EMS2623 Paramedics Clinical II
EMS2624 Paramedics III
EMS2624L Paramedics III Laboratory
EMS2625 Paramedic Internship
English Composition
Course No. Title
ENC0015 Writing I
ENC0021 Modularized Developmental Writing
ENC0022 Compressed Developmental Writing
ENC0025 Writing II
ENC0056 Corequisite Writing
ENC1101 English Composition I
ENC1102 English Composition II
ENC1127 Grammar and Composition
ENC1133 Writing a Research Paper
ENC2210 Technical Writing
English: General
Course No. Title
ENG2103 World Cinema
ENG2670 Conflict and Nonviolent Resolutions in Film
English Literature
Course No. Title
ENL2012 British Literature: The Middle Ages through the Late 17th Century
ENL2022 British Literature: The Late 17th Century through the Modern Era
ENL2330 Introduction to Shakespeare
Engineering Technology: Civil
Course No. Title
ETC1250 Properties of Materials
Engineering Technology: Drafting
Course No. Title
ETD1100 Technical Drawing
ETD1530 Architectural Drafting
ETD2110 Engineering Drafting
ETD2218 Introduction to Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing
ETD2238 Mathematics for Drafting and CAD
ETD2320 Computer Aided Drafting I
ETD2340 Computer Aided Drafting II
ETD2381 Computer Aided Drafting for Manufacturing
ETD2941 Internship in Drafting and Design
Engineering Technology: Industrial
Course No. Title
ETI1110 Introduction to Quality Control
ETI1411 Introduction to Manufacturing
ETI1998 Industrial Management Skills I
ETI1999 Industrial Management Skills II
ETI2622 Concepts of Lean Six Sigma Manufacturing
European History
Course No. Title
EUH1000 Western Civilization I: 700 BC to 1200 CE
EUH1001 Western Civilization II: 1200 to 1763