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Course Descriptions

European History
Course No. Title
EUH1002 Western Civilization III: 1763 to Present
Experimental Psychology
Course No. Title
EXP1600 Creative Thinking and Imagination
Fire Fighting and Protection
Course No. Title
FFP1000 Introduction to Fire Science
FFP1301 Fire Service Hydraulics
FFP1302 Apparatus Practices
FFP1505 Fire Prevention Practices
FFP1540 Private Fire Protection Systems
FFP1811 Firefighting Tactics II
FFP2111 Fire Chemistry
FFP2120 Building Construction
FFP2510 Codes and Standards
FFP2521 Construction Documents and Plans Review
FFP2541 Private Fire Protection Systems II
FFP2610 Fire Investigation: Cause and Origin
FFP2706 Public Information Officer
FFP2720 Company Officer Leadership
FFP2740 Fire Service Course Delivery
FFP2741 Fire Service Course Design
FFP2770 Ethical and Legal Issues
FFP2780 Fire Department Administration
FFP2810 Firefighting Tactics and Strategy I
FFP2811 Firefighting Tactics II
Course No. Title
FIN1100 Personal Finance
FIN1122 Fundamentals of Financial Planning
FIN2001 Principles of Finance
FIN2940 Internship in Financial Services
FIN3400 Financial Management
French Language
Course No. Title
FRE1120 Beginning French I
FRE1121 Beginning French II
FRE2220 Intermediate French I
FRE2221 Intermediate French II
Geography: Regional Areas
Course No. Title
GEA2000 World Regional Geography
GEA2210 Geography of North America
General Business
Course No. Title
GEB1011 Introduction to Business
GEB1136 Introduction to E-Business
GEB2350 International Business
GEB3213 Advanced Business Communication
GEB4356 International Business
GEB4891 Strategic Management and Decision Making
GEB4930 Selected Topics in Supervision and Management
German and Germanic Language
Course No. Title
GER1120 Beginning German I
GER1121 Beginning German II
GER2220 Intermediate German I
GER2221 Intermediate German II
Course No. Title
GEY2000 Introduction to Gerontology
Course No. Title
GLY2010 Introduction to Geology
Health Information Management
Course No. Title
HIM1000 Introduction to Health Information Management
HIM1005 Project Management for Health Information Technology
HIM1012 Legal Aspects of Health Information Technology
HIM1102 Introduction to Healthcare Informatics