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Course Descriptions

Course No. Title
LIT2120 World Literature: The Renaissance through the Modern Era
LIT2203 Poetry, Peace and Social Justice
LIT2380 Women in Literature
LIT2406 Law and Literature
LIT2494 Law and Literature
Mathematics: Calculus and Precalculus
Course No. Title
MAC1105 College Algebra
MAC1147 Precalculus Algebra/Trigonometry
MAC2233 Applied Calculus
MAC2311 Calculus and Analytic Geometry I
MAC2312 Calculus and Analytic Geometry II
MAC2313 Calculus and Analytic Geometry III
Mathematics: Applied
Course No. Title
MAP2302 Differential Equations
MTB2370 Applied Math for Health Occupations
Course No. Title
MAR1011 Principles of Marketing
MAR3803 Marketing for Managers
Mathematics: General
Course No. Title
MAT0018 Prealgebra
MAT0022 Developmental Math Combined
MAT0028 Elementary Algebra
MAT0056 Supplemental Topics for Intermediate Algebra
MAT1033 Intermediate Algebra
Course No. Title
MCB2010 Microbiology
MCB2010L Microbiology Laboratory
Course No. Title
MET2010 Introduction to Meteorology
Mathematics: General and Finite
Course No. Title
MGF1106 Mathematics for Liberal Arts
MGF1107 Explorations in Mathematics
Marketing Applications
Course No. Title
MKA1021 Salesmanship
MKA2041 Principles of Retailing
MKA2511 Principles of Advertising
Course No. Title
MNA1100 Organizational Behavior
MNA1345 Principles of Supervision
MNA2941 Internship in Business
Management: Applied
Course No. Title
MNA3353 Management Theory and Practices
Military Science Leadership
Course No. Title
MSL1001 Foundations of Officership
MSL1001L Foundations of Officership Laboratory
MSL1002 Basic Leadership
MSL1002L Basic Leadership Laboratory
MSL2101 Individual Leadership Studies
MSL2101L Individual Leadership Studies Laboratory
MSL2102 Leadership and Teamwork
MSL2102L Leadership and Teamwork Laboratory
Mathematics: Topology and Geometry
Course No. Title
MTG2206 College Geometry
Music: Literature
Course No. Title
MUL1110 Music Appreciation
Music: Music Ensembles
Course No. Title
MUN1340 Chamber Singers
MUN1341 Chamber Singers
MUN1342 Chamber Singers
MUN1343 Chamber Singers
MUN1344 Chamber Singers
MUN1345 Chamber Singers
Music: Theory
Course No. Title
MUT1001 Fundamentals of Music
Nursing Practice and Theory
Course No. Title
NSP1700C Nursing Skills Seminar