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Course Descriptions

Nursing Practice and Theory
Course No. Title
NUR1006 Nursing Fundamentals/ADN Transition
NUR1006L Nursing Fundamentals Clinical/ADN Transition
NUR1021 Fundamentals of Nursing
NUR1021L Fundamentals of Nursing Clinical
NUR1200 Adult Nursing I/ADN Transition
NUR1200L Adult Nursing I Clinical /ADN Transition
NUR1211 Adult Nursing I/Generic Program
NUR1211L Adult Nursing I Clinical/Generic Program
NUR1522 Fundamental Mental Health Concepts in Nursing
NUR2261 Adult Nursing II
NUR2261L Adult Nursing II Clinical
NUR2403 Maternal-Child Nursing/ADN Transition
NUR2403L Maternal-Child Nursing Clinical/ADN Transition
NUR2460 Maternal-Child Nursing/Generic Program
NUR2460L Maternal-Child Nursing Clinical/Generic Program
NUR2714 Adult Nursing III
NUR2714L Adult Nursing III Clinical
NUR2820 Nursing Role & Scope
NUR3065C Examination and Assessment
NUR3104 Cultural Health Issues
NUR3119 Nursing Theoretical Concepts
NUR3125 Pathology for Nursing Practice
NUR3145 Pharmacology for Nursing
NUR3655 Cultural Health Issues
NUR3826 Legal and Ethical Issues in Nursing
NUR3895 Teaching and Learning for the Healthcare Professional
NUR4164 Nursing Research and Informatics
NUR4636C Community Nursing
NUR4827 Principles of Leadership and Management in Nursing
NUR4837 Health Care Policy and Economics in Nursing
NUR4945C Nursing Capstone Experience
Oceanography: General
Course No. Title
OCE2001 Introduction to Oceanography
Oral Interpretation
Course No. Title
ORI1000 Performance of Literature
Office Systems Technology
Course No. Title
OST1100 College Keyboarding I
OST1110 College Keyboarding II
OST1764 Word Processing—Microsoft Word
OST1811 Desktop Publishing
OST2335 Business Communications
OST2401 Administrative Office Procedures
OST2601 Machine Transcription
OST2621 Law Office Transcription
OST2852 Excel for the Office
Peace Studies
Course No. Title
PAX2000 Introduction to Peace Studies
Physical Education: Object Centered
Course No. Title
PEL1111 Beginning Bowling
PEL1121 Beginning Golf
PEL1122 Intermediate Golf
PEL1341 Beginning Tennis
PEL1342 Intermediate Tennis
PEL1441 Racquetball
PEL1930 Beginning Pickleball