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Course Descriptions

Physical Education: Object Centered
Course No. Title
PEL1931 Intermediate Pickleball
Physical Education: Performance Centered
Course No. Title
PEM1102 Basic Conditioning
PEM1131 Weight Training I
PEM1132 Weight Training II
PEM1171 Aerobic/Step Training I
PEM1172 Aerobic/Step Training II
PEM2145 Jogging and Distance Walking I
PEM2146 Jogging and Distance Walking II
Course No. Title
PGY1401C Photography I
PGY1404C Photography II
PGY2112C Photography III
PGY2405C Photography III
Course No. Title
PHI1010 Introduction to Philosophy
PHI1630 Applied Ethics
PHI2070 Introduction to Non-Western Philosophy
PHI2100 Introduction to Logic
Course No. Title
PHY1053 General Physics I
PHY1053L General Physics I Laboratory
PHY1054 General Physics II
PHY1054L General Physics II Laboratory
PHY2048C General Physics I with Calculus
PHY2049C Physics II with Calculus
Paralegal/Legal Asst/Legal Administration
Course No. Title
PLA1003 Introduction to Law and Legal Ethics
PLA1201 Civil Procedure
PLA1260 Evidence and Trial Practice
PLA1303 Criminal Law for Paralegals
PLA1763 Law Office Management
PLA2104 Legal Research and Writing I
PLA2114 Legal Research and Writing II
PLA2273 Torts
PLA2401 Commercial Transactions
PLA2540 Real Property Law
PLA2600 Wills, Estates, and Trusts
PLA2800 Family Law
PLA2940 Paralegal Internship
Political Science
Course No. Title
POS2041 American Federal Government
POS2112 State and Local Government
Course No. Title
PPE2001 Introduction to Personality
Physical Sciences
Course No. Title
PSC1121 Survey of the Physical Sciences
PSC1341 Introduction to the Physical Sciences
Course No. Title
PSY1012 Introduction to Psychology
PSY2050 Forensic Psychology
Quantitative Methods in Business
Course No. Title
QMB1001 Business Mathematics
Course No. Title
REA0007 Reading I
REA0011 Modularized Developmental Reading
REA0017 Reading II
REA0019 Compressed Developmental Reading
REA0056 Corequisite Reading
REA1105 College Reading Techniques
Real Estate
Course No. Title
REE1040 Real Estate Principles and Practices