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Technical Credit Course Descriptions

Dental Assisting
Course No. Title
DEA0758L Preclinical Procedures for Dental Assistants Laboratory
Course No. Title
EEV0317 Data Communication Analyst
EEV0504 Computer Support Assistant
Geographic Information Systems
Course No. Title
0090 GIS Technician Assistant
0091 GIS Technician
Health Care Providers (Assistants)
Course No. Title
HCP0100 Nursing Assistant
HCP0604 Nursing Assistant Clinical
HCP0731 Phlebotomy Theory
HCP0731L Phlebotomy Laboratory
HCP0741L Practical Aspects of Phlebotomy
HCP0742 Phlebotomy Clinical
Health Information Management
Course No. Title
HIM0009 Introduction to Health Information Technology
HIM0061 Medical Record Transcription I
HIM0062 Medical Record Transcription II
HIM0063 Medical Record Transcription III
HIM0274 Health Insurance Coding and Reimbursement
HIM0280 Coding for Medical Records I
HIM0281 Coding for Medical Records II
HIM0434 Fundamentals of Disease Processes
HIM0440 Pharmacology for Health Professionals
HIM0450 Fundamentals of Body Structures and Functions
Health Science
Course No. Title
HSC0003 Introduction to Health Occupations
HSC0530 Medical Language
Medical Assisting Technology
Course No. Title
MEA0200 Examining Room Procedures
OTA0627 Medical Secretary Clinical
Office Technology Applications
Course No. Title
OTA0040 Information Technology Assistant
OTA0101 Keyboarding I
OTA0609A Medical Office Procedures
OTA0611 Keyboarding II
Precisions Metals Technology
Course No. Title
PMT0106 Introduction and Oxyacetylene Welding
PMT0112 Advanced Specialty Oxyacetylene Welding
PMT0121 Shielded Metal Arc Welding
PMT0122 SMAW High Technology Skills
PMT0126 Advanced Shielded Metal Arc Welding
PMT0130 Introduction to MIG
PMT0131 TIG Welding
PMT0134 MIG Welding
PMT0138 Specialty TIG
PMT0145 GMAW Flux Core Arc Welding
PMT0164 Fabrication of Metal Products Using SMAW
PMT0165 SMAW Pipe Welding
PMT0171 Gas Tungsten Arc Pipe Welding
PMT0173 Gas Metal Arc Pipe Welding
Practical Nursing
Course No. Title
PRN0000 Fundamentals of Nursing/PN
PRN0000L Fundamentals of Nursing Clinical/PN
PRN0002 Fundamentals of Nursing II/PN
PRN0002L Fundamentals of Nursing II Clinical/PN
PRN0030 Medication Administration/Pharmacology
PRN0080 Body Structure and Function
PRN0120 Maternal-Child Nursing