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Technical Credit Course Descriptions

Practical Nursing
Course No. Title
PRN0120L Maternal-Child Nursing Clinical
PRN0204 Medical Surgical Nursing I
PRN0204L Medical Surgical Nursing I Clinical
PRN0205 Medical Surgical Nursing II
PRN0205L Medical Surgical Nursing II Clinical
PRN0500 Gerontological Nursing
PRN0500L Gerontological Nursing Clinical
Security/Basic “D”
Course No. Title
SCY0501 Security/Basic "D"
Student Life Skills
Course No. Title
SLS0002 Strategies for Student Success
SLS0341 Essentials of Health Career Success
Ward Clerk
Course No. Title
WCL0050 Health Unit Coordinator Clinical
WCL0055 Health Unit Management
Pharmacy Technician
Course No. Title
PTN0000 Foundations of Pharmacy Practice
PTN0003 Introduction to Pharmacy Technician
PTN0015 Calculations for the Pharmacy Technician
PTN0017 Calculations for the Pharmacy Technician
PTN0021 Pharmacology for the Pharmacy Technician I
PTN0023 Pharmacology for the Pharmacy Technican II
PTN0032 Pharmacy Operations I
PTN0032L Pharmacy Operations I Laboratory
PTN0033 Pharmacy Operations II
PTN0033L Pharmacy Operations II Laboratory
PTN0043 Pharmacy Practicum
PTN0093 Pharmacy Technician Certification Review
Surgical Technology
Course No. Title
STS0003 Introduction to Surgical Technology
STS0005 Principles of Surgical Asepsis
STS0030 Pathophysiology for the Surgical Technologist
STS0140 Fundamentals of Surgical Technology I
STS0141 Fundamentals of Surgical Technology II
STS0150 Surgical Procedures I
STS0155 Sterile Technique I
STS0155L Sterile Technique I Laboratory
STS0156 Sterile Technique II
STS0156L Sterile Technique II Laboratory
STS0160 Surgical Procedures II
STS0255 Surgical Technology Clinical I
STS0256 Surgical Technology Clinical II
STS0257 Surgical Technology Clinical Ill
STS0401 Patient Care for the Surgical Technologist
STS0401L Patient Care for the Surgical Technologist Laboratory
STS0930 Surgical Technology Certification Review