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Course Descriptions

Speech Communication
Course No. Title
SPC2716 Race, Gender, and Ethnicity in Popular Culture
Spanish Language
Course No. Title
SPN1120 Beginning Spanish I
SPN1121 Beginning Spanish II
SPN2220 Intermediate Spanish I
SPN2221 Intermediate Spanish II
Course No. Title
STA2023 Introduction to Statistics
Sociology: General
Course No. Title
SYG1361 Death in America
SYG1420 Families in Transition
SYG2000 Introduction to Sociology
SYG2010 Social Problems
SYG2221 Women in American Society
SYG2430 Marriage and The Family
SYG2809 Gender Violence in Global Perspectives
Social Organization
Course No. Title
SYO2201 Sociology of Religion
Course No. Title
THE1000 Theatre Appreciation
THE2000 Theatre Appreciation
THE2010 Survey of Drama: Ancient Greece to the Early Renaissance
THE2011 Survey of Drama: High Renaissance to Present
THE2020 Introduction to Theatre
THE2925A Play Production I
THE2925B Play Production II
THE2925C Play Production III
Theatre Performance and Training
Course No. Title
TPP1110 Beginning Acting
TPP1111 Intermediate Acting
TPP2700 Voice Preparation for the Actor
Course No. Title
BRC2001 Introduction to Financial Institutions
BRC2062 Introduction to Financial Markets and Money
RMI1003 Principles of Insurance
Computer Applications
Course No. Title
CAP2134 Database Security
Health Services Administration
Course No. Title
HSA1100 Introduction to Healthcare Delivery Systems
HSA3110 Health Care Organization and Administration
HSA3113 Health Care Systems
HSA3422 Regulation and Compliance in Health Care
HSA4383 Quality Management in Health Care
HSA4430 Health Care Economics
HSA4502 Health Care Risk Management
HSA4850 Health Care Administration Internship
HSA4930 Selected Topics in Health Care Administration
HSA4940 Health Care Administration Internship
Accounting, General
Course No. Title
TAX2000 Federal Income Tax I
TAX2010 Federal Income Tax II
Education: General
Course No. Title
EDH1930 Seminar in College Teaching and Learning
EDH2930 Seminar in Community and State Colleges in Higher Education
Domestic Security
Course No. Title
DSC4214 Emergency Planning and Response
Course No. Title
ENT4004 Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management
Information Systems Management
Course No. Title
ISM4011 Management Information Systems
Leadership Studies
Course No. Title
LDR1260 Exploring Leadership through Community Engagement: Leadership through Social Change
LDR3115 Contemporary Issues in Leadership
Course No. Title
MAN3240 Organizational Behavior
MAN3353 Management Theory and Practices