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Course Descriptions

Radiologic Technology
Course No. Title
RTE1513 Radiographic Procedures II
RTE1513L Radiographic Procedures II Laboratory
RTE1523 Radiographic Procedures III
RTE1523L Radiographic Procedures III Laboratory
RTE1804 Radiography Clinical Practicum I
RTE1814 Radiography Clinical Practicum II
RTE2061 Radiographic Seminar
RTE2385 Radiation Biology and Protection
RTE2782 Pathology for Radiographers
RTE2824 Radiography Clinical Practicum III
RTE2834 Radiography Clinical Practicum IV
RTE2844 Radiography Clinical Practicum V
RTE2940 Radiography Internship 1
RTE2941 Radiography Internship 2
RTE2942 Radiography Internship 3
RTE2943 Radiography Internship 4
RTE2944 Radiography Internship 5
RTE2945 Radiography Internship 6
RTE2946 Radiography Internship 7
RTE2947 Radiography Internship 8
RTE2948 Radiography Internship 9
Student Life Skills
Course No. Title
SLS1211 Individual Discovery
SLS1261 Leadership Development Studies
SLS1262 Leadership Development Studies IA
SLS1263 Leadership Development Studies IB
SLS1264 Leadership Development Studies IC
SLS1265 Exploring Leadership through Community Engagement: Leadership through Social Change
SLS1501 College Success Skills
SLS2401 Career Enhancement
Social Psychology
Course No. Title
SOP2640 Consumer Psychology
SOP2721 Cross-Cultural Psychology
SOP2772 Human Sexuality
Speech Communication
Course No. Title
SPC2300 Introduction to Interpersonal Communications
SPC2594 Speech Forensics Laboratory
SPC2595 Speech Forensics Laboratory
SPC2596 Speech Forensics Laboratory
SPC2597 Speech Forensics Laboratory
SPC2608 Introduction to Public Speaking
SPC2716 Race, Gender, and Ethnicity in Popular Culture
Spanish Language
Course No. Title
SPN1120 Beginning Spanish I
SPN1121 Beginning Spanish II
SPN2220 Intermediate Spanish I
SPN2221 Intermediate Spanish II
Course No. Title
STA2023 Introduction to Statistics
Sociology: General
Course No. Title
SYG1361 Death in America
SYG1420 Families in Transition
SYG2000 Introduction to Sociology
SYG2010 Social Problems
SYG2221 Women in American Society
SYG2430 Marriage and The Family