Curriculum and Requirements

The purpose of this program is to provide a professional background to those preparing for careers in law enforcement, corrections and private security. The program is designed for those who plan to pursue a two-year degree program in law enforcement. Students who wish to transfer any credits from this program to another institution must accept the responsibility for securing approval in advance from that institution.

Program Code: AS-CJJ

General Education Requirements

Hours: 18

Program Professional Courses

Hours: 37

Criminal Justice Electives: Choose three of the following courses:

Hours: 9


Upon recommendation of the director of law enforcement and corrections programs and the dean of workforce development, a maximum of 16 hours of credit may be awarded to students who pass the Florida Law Enforcement State Officer Certification Examination. A maximum of 13 credits will be awarded for students who pass the Florida Corrections State Officer Certification Examination.

An additional three (3) credit hours may be granted for Field Studies (CCJ 2940) for those officers currently employed with one year of experience as a law enforcement or corrections officer (not auxiliary).

To be awarded credit, students must be declared into the PHSC AS degree program in Criminal Justice Technology and also must have completed 15 credits in the program. All credit awards will be processed only upon submission of Form ILE-8 Petition for Law Enforcement Credit with the proper validation attached. Interested students should contact an advisor to begin the process.

Total Hours: 64

Credit Awarded—State Certification Exams

Law Enforcement Certification

Correctional Officer Certification