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Vision and Mission

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College Vision Statement

Student success through innovative learning: Imagine - Believe - Achieve!

College Mission Statement

Pasco-Hernando State College (PHSC) serves the educational needs and interests of its community by awarding certificates, diplomas, associate and baccalaureate degrees. As a comprehensive, multicampus learning-centered institution, PHSC utilizes various instructional modalities and support services. PHSC provides an accessible, diverse teaching and learning environment rich with opportunities for students to achieve academic success and cultural growth in a global society.

Division Mission Statements

Division of Administration and Finance

College Store
The primary function of the Auxiliary Services is to serve PHSC community, students, faculty and staff as a source for required or recommended textbooks, digital content, supplies, plus a wide range of food services, vending services and copier services. The goal of Auxiliary Services is to provide a level of service to students, faculty and staff comparable to the finest Auxiliary Services operations in the world, complemented by a sincere interest to serve with pride, as well as a desire to provide a service that is sensitive and responsive to the needs of the College and its students. This mission will be accomplished by achieving the goals of customer satisfaction through a total quality management perspective.

Management Information Services
The purpose of the management information services (MIS) department is to provide mainframe computer services that support the college’s administrative systems (financial, human resources, and student information) and document management system in a timely and efficient manner, to safeguard and secure data, and to provide accurate data and reports to the end users to include state and federal data reporting.

Network Services
The purpose of network services is to provide robust, reliable, and secure district-wide data communications, internet connectivity, intra-building communications, server and desktop administration, data security and email communication.

Telecommunication Services
The purpose of network services is to provide robust, reliable, and secure district-wide data communications, internet connectivity, intra-building communications, server and desktop administration, data security and email communication.

Division of Arts and Sciences

Adult Education
PHSC provides an Adult Education program with sections in: GED (General Educational Development) preparation and ABE (Adult Basic Education) for those over the age of 18 who do not possess a high school diploma. The tuition charge for the program is $30 per term for Florida residents and $120 per term for non-Florida residents. Students can register for the program at any of five campuses in Brooksville, Dade City, New Port Richey, Spring Hill or Wesley Chapel.

Communications Department
The mission of the Communications Department is to promote, through the study of English language and literature, skill with language, sound thinking, critical judgment, effective writing, moral discernment, creativity, independent thought, and wisdom. The department promotes the language and writing skills needed for academic and professional pursuits by offering courses in composition, creative writing, film, and literature. The Department recognizes that while writing serves as the principal form of communication between peoples, it is also an art form that gives pleasure to both reader and writer, and therefore strives to impart to students an appreciation for literature as a means of understanding the human experience. Through the study of literature, students gain insight into worlds different from their own, and they come to perceive similarities among people as well as differences determined by such circumstances as gender, race, and class. These insights foster cooperation and community, both in the classroom and in the larger world.

Our department also seeks to help students develop the communication skills essential in an increasingly diverse society. Courses in public speaking provide students practice in preparing and delivering various forms of public address, emphasizing the informative and persuasive speaking required by academic, community, and career pursuits, and guidance in developing the complementary skills of evaluative listening and critical thinking required for informed citizenship in a democracy. The complexity of the communication process and the consequent co-creation of social realities are key concepts in the curriculum as is the ideal of personal empowerment through effective public speaking.

Developmental Education
The mission of the Developmental Education program at Pasco-Hernando State College is to provide students with the tools necessary to attain the requisite academic, technological, and personal skills to succeed in college, employment, and lifelong learning. The academic competencies that students use in developmental English, mathematics, and reading courses will create a foundation which allows them to succeed in more challenging academic coursework. In addition, students will gain a working knowledge of technology that will allow them to use various software programs, access and manipulate instructional systems, take online courses, and conduct research using approved sources and databases. Furthermore, students will refine their personal and interpersonal skills through interdisciplinary courses, teamwork, cohorts, and learning communities. The program's overall goal is not only to improve the success rate of students in developmental education classes, but also to enable students to continue on to upper-level courses and ultimately progress to the university or professional employment.

Educator Preparation Institute
The Educator Preparation Institute prepares learners to serve as teachers in their communities through collaborative learning programs with our professional development school partners. The Institute offers learners the opportunity to obtain a State of Florida Professional Teaching Certificate. In addition, the Institute offers learners opportunities to realize their “full creative potential.”

Mathematics Laboratory
The mission of the Mathematics Laboratory at Pasco-Hernando State College is to create a supportive environment for students enrolled in developmental mathematics courses. These students are encouraged to seek help by asking questions related to course material found in their textbooks and supplemental software programs. The math lab also attempts to motivate students to become self-reliant by making them aware of the resources available not only within their course materials but also within the college. Providing students with the knowledge and self-confidence to access the necessary tools to succeed in all of their mathematics courses is the ultimate goal of the math lab.

Science Department
The Science department at PHSC exists to prepare students to further their education at a four-year institution or to enter programs leading to an associate degree in health professions. The opportunities provided include courses in chemistry, biology, human anatomy and physiology, microbiology, physical science, physics, environmental science, oceanography, astronomy and geology.

Social and Behavioral Sciences
The mission of the Social and Behavioral Sciences department is to offer an eclectic and rigorous academic curriculum that invites student to reflect upon and challenge their own biases and preconceptions and to promote intellectual, personal, and social growth and development. We offer a curriculum which integrates knowledge and understanding of cultural, historical, and personal-social realities with critical thinking about those experiences. We intend to foster and nourish a deep appreciation of cultural, religious, racial, ethnic, gender, and socio-economic diversities.

Division of Student Development and Enrollment Management

The Division of Student Development and Enrollment Management is designed to promote the growth of PHSC students through a comprehensive system of delivery services and co-curricula engagement activities. Student development and enrollment management actively recruits, provides services to support the persistence, learning, and program completion of students.

The mission and vision of the Division of Student Development and Enrollment Management are fulfilled through professional service delivery and student development programs encompassing two major units. The professional service delivery and programs are carried out through the associate dean for enrollment management and retention, and the associate dean for student activities and engagement. The units’ areas of services and programmatic responsibilities are indicated below:

  • Office of the Dean for Enrollment Management and Retention
  • Admissions and Student Records
  • Academic Advising and Registration
  • Information Center
  • Career and Testing Services
  • Financial Aid and Veterans Services
  • Office of the Associate Dean for Student Activities and Engagement
  • Intercollegiate Athletics
  • Disabilities Services
  • Student Activities and Engagement
  • Multicultural Student Affairs and Equity Services

The PHSC Athletic department promotes continued student growth through the acquisition of knowledge, physical development, social skills, and values through opportunities to participate in intercollegiate athletic activities.

Disabilities Services
The PHSC Office of Disabilities Services ensures that students with appropriately documented disabilities have the same educational opportunities as all other students and provide reasonable accommodations and support services to those students. Consistent with the mission of this office is the effort to engender specific skills and attributes to the student such as: self advocacy; persistence; motivation; and, the value of hard work. This office will also seek to ensure that employees with documented disabilities are provided any necessary reasonable accommodations to perform their jobs successfully.

Information Center
The purpose of the Information Center is to:

  • provide a positive experience for both our internal and external clientele by providing accurate information in a timely, courteous and professional manner with one-call resolution;
  • provide exceptional service with focus on student recruitment and retention by fulfilling information request for college materials and facilitating follow-up;
  • instill confidence and increase efficiency of college information management by answering questions, concerns, and inquiries to alleviate call volume in other offices of the institution;
  • maintain college event calendars and other devices for increasing and improving information access;
  • serve as a central clearinghouse for receiving, recording, and disseminating information relevant to activities and events on all PHSC campuses.

Multicultural Student Affairs and Equity Services
The mission of the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs and Equity Services is to provide an entrée of services that exist to perpetuate the academic, social, and personal development of students from a variety of cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds. The office strives to ensure diversity and inclusion by providing effective leadership, high quality technical assistance, training, and compliance monitoring. Key efforts include the support of services and programs on a wide range of topics impacting educational equity on the basis of race, color, age, marital status, gender, disability, and national origin.

Student Activities
The Student Activities department enhances the curricular experience of students by providing quality programming designed to develop life and leadership skills and promote citizenship and personal growth in an enjoyable atmosphere. At the same time, the department also recognizes the proven need for fun and play in promoting healthy learning and student retention.

Institutional Advancement and Foundation

Institutional Research and Assessment
The Office of Institutional Research and Assessment facilitates collegewide planning, assessment, grant-writing, and research initiatives in order to improve institutional performance and accountability.

Our goals are:

  • To effectively develop, collect, analyze, and disseminate information descriptive of the college in order to promote broad-based and program-level initiatives relating to decision making, accountability, and policy formation.
  • To facilitate effective and efficient collaborative processes enabling the preparation and submission of grant proposals that increase external funding and assist PHSC in meeting its mission and goals.
  • To provide timely, comprehensive training and assistance collegewide so that all units can determine and document program level planning, assessment, and evaluation activities on an ongoing basis.

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