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Board Rules

The District Board of Trustees (DBOT) adopts and approves rules for the operation of the College.

Rule number Description
General functions - Chapter 6HX19 1
6Hx19 1.01 District Board of Trustees as a Body Corporate
6Hx19 1.02 Duties and Powers, District Board of Trustees
6Hx19 1.03 Rescinded - Reports of Annual Meetings of the District Board of Trustees
6Hx19 1.04 Meetings of the District Board of Trustees
6Hx19 1.05 Rescinded - Quorum of the Board of Trustees
6Hx19 1.06 Rescinded - Parliamentary Procedure
6Hx19 1.07 Official Agenda of Business for Meetings of the District Board of Trustees
6Hx19 1.08 Rules of the District Board of Trustees
6Hx19 1.09 Legal Counsel
6Hx19 1.10 District Board of Trustees: Appointment, Length of Term, Errors and Omissions Insurance, and Grounds for Dismissal
6Hx19 1.11 Conducting Official College Business by the Board, Citizen Involvement
6Hx19 1.12 Delegation of Responsibilities and General Powers to the President
6Hx19 1.13 Powers, Duties and Responsibilities of the President
6Hx19 1.14 President’s Authority to Sign Contracts and Agreements
6Hx19 1.15 Succession to Presidential Authority and Responsibilities
6Hx19 1.16 College Vision Statement and Mission Statement
6Hx19 1.17 Rescinded - College Objectives - Mission Statement
6Hx19 1.18 District-wide Service
6Hx19 1.19 College Seal
6Hx19 1.20 College Colors
6Hx19 1.21 College Catalog/Student Handbook
6Hx19 1.22 College Calendar
6Hx19 1.23 Year Round Operation
6Hx19 1.24 College Accreditation by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC)
6Hx19 1.25 Safety and Emergency Plans
6Hx19 1.26 Rescinded - Bonding of Employees and Contractors
6Hx19 1.27 Official College Forms
6Hx19 1.28 Employment, Dismissal, and Evaluation of the College President
6Hx19 1.29 Copyright Compliance
6Hx19 1.30 Right to Know Law
6Hx19 1.31 Management of College Records
6Hx19-1.32 Unauthorized Use of the College Name
6Hx19-1.33 Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Measures
6Hx19-1.34 Electronic Mail and Voice Mail Policy
6Hx19-1.35 Notification of Registered Sexual Offenders/Predators
6Hx19-1.36 Workplace Violence
6Hx19-1.37 Public Lectures, Displays, Exhibits, and Presentations
6Hx19-1.38 Intellectual Property
6Hx19-1.39 Social Networking Policy
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Personnel - Chapter 6HX19 2
6Hx19 2.01 Approval of Employment
6Hx19 2.02 Rescinded - Position Vacancies
6Hx19 2.03 Release of Rosters of College Personnel
6Hx19 2.04 Employee Duties and Responsibilities
6Hx19 2.05 Assignment and Reassignment of College Personnel
6Hx19 2.06 Equal Access-Equal Opportunity Employment
6Hx19 2.07 Equal Access Equal Opportunity
6Hx19 2.08 Required Employee Records
6Hx19 2.081 Deleted - Personnel Records
6Hx19 2.082 Personnel Requiring a Back X Ray
6Hx19 2.09 Performance Evaluations
6Hx19 2.10 Medical, Psychological Examination and Alcohol/Drug Testing of Employees
6Hx19 2.11 Rescinded - Personal Obligations of Employees
6Hx19 2.12 Leave of Absence
6Hx19 2.121 Temporary Duty
6Hx19 2.13 Authority for Sick Leave
6Hx19 2.14 Deleted - Verification of Sick Leave
6Hx19 2.15 Administration of Sick Leave with Compensation
6Hx19 2.151 Illness or Injury in the Line of Duty Leave
6Hx19-2.152 Sick Leave Pool
6Hx19 2.16 Military Leave
6Hx19 2.17 Deleted - Extent of Leave
6Hx19 2.171 Deleted - Leave Without Pay
6Hx19 2.172 Sabbatical Leave and Professional Leave
6Hx19 2.173 Eligibility for Approved Holiday Pay
6Hx19 2.18 Rescinded - Maternity Leave
6Hx19 2.19 Vacation Leave
6Hx19-2.191 Family and Medical Leave Act
6Hx19 2.20 Court Related Leave
6Hx19 2.21 Rescinded - Other Absences
6Hx19 2.22 Deleted - Records of Absence
6Hx19 2.23 Dismissal, Return to Annual Contract Continuing Contract Personnel
6Hx19 2.231 Deleted - Suspension or Dismissal of Contract Employees During the Year
6Hx19 2.24 Criteria for Suspension or Dismissal of Employees
6Hx19 2.25 Rescinded - Disruptive Activities Employees
6Hx19 2.26 Personnel Definitions
6Hx19 2.27 Criteria for Instructional Ranks and Pay Levels of Instructional Personnel
6Hx19 2.28 Criteria for Appointment to Instructional Salary Schedule
6Hx19 2.29 Classification and Pay Plans for Personnel
6Hx19 2.30 Duty Hours for Instructional Personnel
6Hx19 2.31 Deleted - Tutorial Services
6Hx19 2.32 Deleted - Changes in Pay Level and Instructional Rank for Instructional Personnel
6Hx19 2.33 Outside Employment and Consulting Services
6Hx19 2.34 Deleted - Contract Notification and Acceptance
6Hx19 2.35 Non Issuance of Annual Contract
6Hx19 2.36 Supplemental Contracts and Waiver Requests
6Hx19 2.37 Compensation for Preparing Credit by Examination Tests
6Hx19 2.38 Institutional Definitions of “Year of Service,” “Workweek,” and “Work Day” Used to Determine Service for Work Credit
6Hx19 2.39 Resolution of Employee/Applicant Grievances
6Hx19 2.40 Resignation
6Hx19 2.41 Nepotism
6Hx19 2.42 Political Involvement
6Hx19 2.43 Conflict of Interest
6Hx19 2.44 Product Endorsement
6Hx19 2.45 Acceptance of Gifts
6Hx19 2.46 Release of Credit Information
6Hx19 2.47 Filing of “Statement of Financial Interest” Form
6Hx19 2.48 Rescinded - Unemployment Compensation
6Hx19 2.49 Ethical Behavior and the Reporting of Suspected Misconduct, Fraud, or Other Illegal Acts in the Workplace
6Hx19 2.50 Volunteer Services and Services Compensated by Other Agencies, Businesses, and Organizations
6Hx19 2.51 Deleted - Classification Plan
6Hx19 2.52 Consideration of Qualified Employees for Advertised Vacancies
6Hx19 2.53 Payment of Accumulated Leave at Retirement or Death
6Hx19-2.531 Payment Accumulated Vacation (Annual) Leave to Eligible Employees Electing to Participate in the Deferred Retirement Option Plan (DROP)
6Hx19 2.54 Rescinded - Disability
6Hx19 2.55 Employment Contracts for Full Time Faculty
6Hx19-2.551 Requirements for Certification and Recertification
6Hx19 2.56 Educational and Workplace Harassment
6Hx19 2.57 Extended Medical Leave
6Hx19 2.58 Drug and Alcohol Abuse by Employees
6Hx19 2.59 Disciplinary Action
6Hx19-2.60 Deleted - Workplace Drug-Testing Policy
6Hx19-2.61 Community College Optional Retirement Program (CCORP)
6Hx19-2.62 Deleted - Course Banking for Faculty
6Hx19-2.63 Overtime Work by Employees
6Hx19-2.64 Reduction in Force
6Hx19-2.65 Information Security
6Hx19-2.66 Employee Background Checks
6Hx19-2.67 Faculty and Administrators Emeriti
6Hx19-2.68 Adjunct Faculty Contracts
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Curriculum and instruction - Chapter 6HX19 3
6Hx19 3.01 Deleted - Degree Programs and Advanced Technical Certificates
6Hx19-3.01 Instruction and Awards
6Hx19 3.02 Deleted - AS Degree Associated Certificate and Technical Certificate Programs
6Hx19 3.03 Non-Credit Courses
6Hx19 3.04 Academic Freedom
6Hx19 3.05 Deleted - Appeals Procedure for Alleged Abridgment of Academic Freedom
6Hx19 3.06 Faculty Teaching Load
6Hx19 3.07 Faculty Teaching Loads and Supplemental Contract Payments
6Hx19 3.08 Technical Programs Advisory and General Advisory Committees
6Hx19 3.09 Deleted - General Faculty Meetings
6Hx19 3.10 Academic Field Trips
6Hx19 3.11 Deleted - Speakers and Instructional Assistants
6Hx19 3.12 Acceptance of Transfer Credit
6Hx19 3.13 Registration, Drop/Add and Withdrawal Dates
6Hx19 3.14 Grading System
6Hx19 3.15 Grade Reports
6Hx19 3.16 Student Withdrawal from Courses/Change to Audit Status, Grade Forgiveness, and Allowable Number of Course Attempts
6Hx19 3.17 Credit by Examination Tests
6Hx19 3.18 Directed/Independent Study
6Hx19 3.19 Deleted - Examinations
6Hx19 3.20 Program/Course Prerequisites and Course Substitutions
6Hx19 3.21 Acceleration Mechanisms for Program Completion
6Hx19 3.22 Requirements for Graduation and Participation in Commencement Ceremonies
6Hx19 3.23 Academic Honors
6Hx19 3.24 Deleted - Advanced Placement Credit
6Hx19 3.25 Transfer Between Communication and Computation Courses
6Hx19 3.26 Deleted - Credit-By-Exam Equivalents
6Hx19 3.27 Rescinded - Exit Testing for AA Degree Students
6Hx19 3.28 College Level Academic Skills (CLAS) Requirements
6Hx19 3.29 Writing Requirement, State Board of Education Rule 6A 10.030 (Gordon Rule)
6Hx19 3.30 Common Placement Testing and Basic Skills Requirements
6Hx19-3.31 Deleted - Deletion and Revision of Courses in Catalog and Common Course Numbering System
6Hx19-3.32 Deleted - College Preparatory and College Credit Course Repeat Limits and Tuition Rates
6Hx19-3.33 College Preparatory Remediation Alternatives
6Hx19-3.34 Deleted - Academic Grade Relief Option
6Hx19-3.35 Textbook Adoption and Affordability
6Hx19-3.36 Definitions of Credit Hours
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Physical facilities - Chapter 6HX19 4
6Hx19 4.01 Advertising, Bidding, and Awarding Contracts for Construction or Improvement of Facilities
6Hx19 4.02 Bonding of Contractors
6Hx19 4.03 Selecting Professional Services for Construction
6Hx19 4.04 Construction Change Orders
6Hx19 4.05 Sanitation and Maintenance
6Hx19 4.06 Smoking The Florida Clean Indoor Air Act
6Hx19 4.07 Use of College Equipment
6Hx19 4.08 Rescinded - Telephone Service
6Hx19 4.09 Rescinded - College Automobiles
6Hx19 4.10 Construction Contracts and Payments
6Hx19 4.11 Traffic and Parking Regulations
6Hx19 4.12 Official Hours of College Operation and Unauthorized Trespass
6Hx19-4.13 Allocation of Information Technology
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Business services - Chapter 6HX19 5
6Hx19 5.01 Business Management General
6Hx19 5.02 Expenditures
6Hx19 5.03 Rescinded - Purchases on State and Other Contracts
6Hx19 5.04 Bidding Policy
6Hx19 5.05 Insurance and Bonding of College Employees
6Hx19 5.06 Workers’ Compensation Insurance
6Hx19 5.07 Deleted - Accidental Injury
6Hx19 5.08 Refunds of Student Tuition and Fees
6Hx19 5.09 Rescinded - Special Refunds
6Hx19 5.10 Rescinded - Non Refundable Fees
6Hx19 5.11 Collection of Money from Students
6Hx19 5.12 Returned Checks
6Hx19 5.13 Donations of Gifts to the College
6Hx19 5.14 Facsimile Signatures
6Hx19 5.15 Property Records
6Hx19 5.16 Employee Loss of College Property
6Hx19 5.17 Disposing of Property
6Hx19 5.18 Deleted - Salary Schedules
6Hx19 5.19 Deleted - Salary Increments
6Hx19 5.20 Petty Cash Fund/Change Fund/Stamp Fund
6Hx19 5.21 Rescinded - Professional Memberships
6Hx19 5.22 Rescinded - Vouchers
6Hx19 5.23 Rescinded - End of Year Account Closing
6Hx19 5.24 Rescinded - Statement of Accounts Paid Warrant Register
6Hx19 5.25 Budget and Budget Amendments
6Hx19 5.26 Investment of Funds
6Hx19 5.27 Bank Depositories
6Hx19 5.28 Staff and Program Development Funds
6Hx19 5.29 Use of Auxiliary Enterprises Funds and Undesignated Gifts
6Hx19 5.30 Deleted - Consultant Services
6Hx19 5.31 Retirement Annuity/Deferred Compensation
6Hx19 5.32 Authorized Payroll Deductions and Electronic Deposits of Payroll
6Hx19 5.33 Reimbursement for Tuition for Full-Time and Regular Part-Time Employees
6Hx19 5.34 Official College Travel
6Hx19 5.35 Funds for Student Activities
6Hx19 5.36 Delinquent Accounts
6Hx19 5.37 Deleted - Proposals and Requests for Grants
6Hx19 5.38 Approval and Control of Grants and Contracts
6Hx19 5.39 Deleted - Financial Aid Operating Policies
6Hx19 5.40 Deleted - Revolving Loan Procedures
6Hx19 5.41 Rescinded - Use of Duplicating Equipment
6Hx19 5.42 Mail Service
6Hx19 5.43 Rescinded - Use of Telephones
6Hx19 5.44 Rescinded - Fee Waivers for Employees and Immediate Family
6Hx19 5.45 Auxiliary Enterprises
6Hx19 5.46 Rescinded - District Board of Trustees Scholarships and Mini Scholarships
6Hx19 5.47 Scholarship Fund
6Hx19-5.48 Rescinded - State Employee Fee Waivers
6Hx19-5.49 Identity Theft Prevention Program
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Student services Chapter 6HX19 6
6Hx19 6.01 Student Admission to the College
6Hx19 6.02 Classification of Students
6Hx19 6.03 Student Fees
6Hx19 6.04 Florida Residents for Purposes of Assessing Student Fees
6Hx19 6.05 Financial Aid
6Hx19 6.06 Financial Aid Budget
6Hx19 6.07 Exemptions and Student Fee Waivers
6Hx19 6.08 Deferment of Fees for Veterans
6Hx19 6.09 Standards of Academic Progress
6Hx19 6.10 Official Student Records
6Hx19 6.11 Privacy of Student Records
6Hx19 6.12 Deleted - Release of Rosters of Students
6Hx19 6.13 Code of Student Conduct and Disciplinary Policy
6Hx19 6.14 Rescinded - Disruptive Activities Students
6Hx19 6.15 Student Dismissal Health Programs
6Hx19 6.16 Loitering or Soliciting on College Property
6Hx19 6.17 Rescinded - Disciplinary Procedures
6Hx19 6.18 Class Attendance and Administrative Withdrawal
6Hx19 6.19 Deleted - Ticket Sales
6Hx19 6.20 Fund-Raising Activities
6Hx19 6.21 Emergency Notification of Students
6Hx19 6.22 Medical Services for Students
6Hx19 6.23 Student Housing
6Hx19 6.24 Student Publications
6Hx19 6.25 International Students
6Hx19 6.26 Veteran Progress and Probation
6Hx19 6.27 Consequences of Student’s Unmet Financial Obligations
6Hx19 6.28 Rescinded - Grievance Procedure for CETA Participants
6Hx19 6.29 Student Grievance Policy
6Hx19 6.30 Associate in Arts Degree Eligibility
6Hx19 6.31 Administration of Student Repayments of Federal Title IV Financial Aid
6Hx19 6.32 Chartering of and Suspension of a Student Club/Organization
6Hx19 6.33 Rescinded - Attendance by Senior Citizens (60+)
6Hx19 6.34 Anti-Hazing Policy
6Hx19 6.35 Educational Equity
6Hx19 6.36 Acquired Immune Deficiency (AIDS) Policy
6Hx19 6.37 Observance of Religious Holidays
6Hx19 6.38 Deferment of Tuition, Fees, and Payment for Books for Recipients of Federal or State Financial Aid
6Hx19 6.39 Drug and Alcohol Abuse by Students
6Hx19-6.40 Accommodations for Students with Disabilities
6Hx19-6.41 Student Ombudsman
6Hx19-6.42 Travel for Athletic Teams and Student Organizations
6Hx19-6.43 Financial Aid Standards of Academic Progress
Community relations Chapter 6HX19 7
6Hx19 7.01 College Direct-support Organization
6Hx19 7.02 Alumni Association
6Hx19 7.03 Publications
6Hx19 7.04 Release of Official Information
6Hx19 7.05 Rescinded - Purging Mailing Lists
6Hx19 7.06 Naming of College Facilities
College catalog Chapter 6HX19 8
6Hx19 8.0 College Catalog (published separately)