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EPI Field Experience

There are two courses in the program that include a field experience.

  1. EPI 0945 Diversity in the Classroom Field Experience and
  2. EPI 0940 Professional Foundations of Education Field Experience

EPI students who are employed as full-time teachers or long-term substitute teachers will be able to complete all of the field experience requirements within their own classrooms/schools. You will not have to take any time off from work to complete your field experience packets.

EPI students who are not employed as full-time teachers or long-term substitute teachers will have to spend three days in a classroom to complete the EPI 0940 Professional Foundations Field Experience.

Both field experience courses will be open for you from the beginning of the second class in the program and will stay open for twelve to fourteen (12 to 14) weeks to give you time to spend a total of 30 hours in a classroom – 15 hours for each field experience. The hours can be spread out over the 12 to 14 weeks, or you can complete the entire 30 hours in one week.

So, if you are working, you need to plan accordingly. Here are some examples of how you can plan your experience:

  • Three hours per week for 10 weeks
  • Three hours a week (a morning or an afternoon) for five weeks to complete the Diversity field experience and then take off three days toward the end of the period to complete the Foundations field experience.
  • Five full days to complete both field experiences, five weeks in a row or five days in the same week

In lieu of a “Field Experience” select EPI candidates will be able to complete an “Internship” with Florida Virtual School (FLVS). FLVS Internships:

  • ... are completely online. You will not have to take any time off from your current job.
  • ... are restricted to EPI students seeking certification in a secondary subject area. Students seeking Elementary K-6 certification are not eligible for the Florida Virtual School internship.
  • ...  are five weeks long. You will be required to spend a minimum of 10 hours a week for five weeks, working with your FLVS mentor and his/her students.
  • Placements with FLVS are not guaranteed. There has to be a FLVS mentor available in your subject area, who is certified by the state to be a mentor teacher and is willing to take you on as a teacher-candidate.

Important Note: If you choose the FLVS internship, you will still need to complete 15 hours of observation in a traditional K-12 classroom.

The EPI Coordinator will arrange all field experiences and assign schools and mentors.


For more information please review the Student Guide to Field Experience.