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Florida Educator Certification Exams

Florida requires an individual to pass three certification exams (FTCE) to be eligible for a professional teaching certificate. The exams are:

General Knowledge Exam—Essay, English Language Skills, Reading, and Math

Note: Some students are exempted from this exam. Determination is made by the Florida Department of Education, Bureau of Certification. Testing requirements are provided on the Statement of Status of Eligibility letter.

Note: You must pass the General Knowledge Exam (or provide evidence on your Statement of Eligibility that you are exempt) before you can be admitted to the Pasco Hernando EPI program.

Subject Area Exam—The EPI curriculum is not content-specific (e.g., math, science, etc.). In order words, this program will not prepare you for the subject area exam. The idea behind “Alternative Certification” is that you will prove to the Department of Education, by passing a subject area exam, that you are qualified to teach a specific subject. In addition, the Department of Education requires you to take “teaching methods” course work. That is what the Educator Preparation Institute (EPI) program provides. Therefore, in order to pass your subject area exam, it is essential to obtain study guides to prepare for the test.

Professional Knowledge Exam—The EPI program does prepare individuals for the Professional Knowledge Exam so it should be taken at the completion of the Competency 2 Reading Course in the EPI curriculum.

For information on the Florida Teacher Certification Exams, visit the FTCE Portal on the Florida Department of education website. This site provides information on Florida Teacher Certification Examinations (FTCE), including exam overviews, exam length, competencies and skills required for each exam, and test information guides.

Study Guide Information

Please visit the Florida Teacher Certification Examinations web page to view the competencies and skills for each of the Florida Teacher Certification Exams.

Below is a list of available study guides for the General Knowledge Exam (a five-hour battery of tests):

  • Cliff’s: Best Test Preparation Guide (ISBN: 0764586084)
  • FTCE General Knowledge: The Best Test Prep (ISBN: 0738601691)
  • FTCE Exam Information on Test Prep Review website, has a list of all of the FTCE exam areas available with links to sample questions that will aid you in determining your strengths and weaknesses in regards to successfully completing the overall exam.
  • Test Information Guides are available for preparation for the FTCE exam on the FTCE/FCLE website.
  • The REA FTCE study guides come highly recommended by former EPI students who have used them to study for the exams. These guides can be purchased through the College Store or online at the REA website or at