Admission to Emergency Medical Services Program

In addition to applying to the college, those wishing to enter the Emergency Medical Services program must also be accepted into the Paramedic Certificate program, a limited access program. Admission to the College does not imply acceptance into the program. Students must submit a specific program application and meet all program application and admission requirements (paar) for consideration.

Applicants should submit the program application only when all of the program requirements have been met. Once an application packet is submitted, it cannot be amended. Students who submit an incomplete application must reapply to the program once all requirements have been met.

  • Application information for Paramedic program
  • August Admission - West Campus
  • Program application - West Campus

  • Note: Completed applications are due by 4 p.m. by the deadline date of May 30 for August admission. If the deadline date falls on a day when the College is closed as posted on the college’s academic calendar, the deadline will be extended until 4 p.m. the next business day.
  • January Admission - North Campus
  • Applications for January admission to Paramedic program at the North Campus (day) are available July 15 - September 15.

Limited Access Health Programs

This program is a limited access health program. In addition to being admitted to the College, students must meet the admission requirements for the limited access health program they wish to enter. Students are required to submit a separate limited access application for each program for which they choose to apply. Applications will be accepted during the open application period. There is a non-refundable application fee for each limited access application submitted. Students are eligible to register for limited access health program courses only after having been accepted to that program.

Admission requirements
Admission requirements and program courses may periodically change. To obtain the most current information regarding admission and graduation requirements for these programs, students are urged to check the College website and visit an advisor on a regular basis. For limited access health programs, the College catalog used for determining program completion requirement is the one in effect at the time of initial enrollment in a health program specialty course.

Criminal background checks
All hospitals and most clinical agencies require students to obtain a criminal background check. These background checks are paid for by the student and must be completed prior to a clinical site assignment. Information regarding criminal background checks will be provided to the student at their respective program orientation following official acceptance into a health program. Clinical agencies have the right to deny students access to their agency based on past criminal history. Should this occur, the health program coordinator will attempt to find an alternate clinical placement; however, this is not always possible. Applicants must be aware that denial of access to clinical settings due to criminal history may prevent the student from completing their program successfully. Applicants with criminal histories are urged to meet with their health program coordinator for advising.

Applicants with criminal histories must also be aware that state and federal licensing agencies may deny their application to obtain a license to practice following graduation. These students are advised to check with the appropriate state or federal licensing agency prior to entry into a health program. The college is not responsible for decisions made by licensing agencies.

Physical examination
Health programs require that students provide certification of good health by submission of a satisfactory physical examination, conducted by a physician or a registered nurse practitioner. The physical examination requires proof of current immunizations and must be submitted on the Physical Examination Report or Health Examination Report provided by the program staff (SAR 40 or SAR 40-A). Failure to submit the exam by the date specified by the health program coordinator will result in denial of access to clinical experiences, which may affect students’ ability to achieve course objectives.

Dental assisting and dental hygiene applicants
In addition to the physical examination requirement, all students accepted into the dental programs are required to have a complete dental examination certifying good oral health, free of dental caries and gum disease. This exam must be completed by a dentist within six months of being accepted in the program.

CPR certification
Current CPR certification is required for all health programs. For limited access health programs, the CPR requirement must be completed by the first day of class or as otherwise instructed at the health program new student orientation. Students must take the following course: American Heart Association “Basic Life Support for Health Care Providers” (PHSC course NCH 0050).

Acceptance of seat
Applicants to limited access health programs will receive a letter from the College’s Dean of Health Occupations and Director of Admissions and Student Records indicating that they have been accepted in the program. Students must return a form verifying they accept a seat in the class. Failure to return this form by the date specified in the acceptance letter will result in allocation of the seat to another applicant.

Registration and fees
Students must register and pay fees by the date listed in the College catalog. Failure to register and pay fees by the date specified will result in allocation of the seat to another applicant.