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Employee Giving

Together We Can

Campaign video

PHCC employee, Ron Green
“This is my way as a PHSC employee, to give back in a way that benefits eligible students that are in need of financial assistance” --Ron Green, staff member
The Employee Giving Campaign grand prize winner of the Sirata Beach Resort three day, two night vacation is Deborah Holdsworth from North Campus.

Employees are the heart of the College. Every day you make a difference. Your dedicated work as faculty and staff shape the lives of students, ensure the vitality of the College and strengthen our community. You play a key role in carrying out the College’s mission of providing an accessible, diverse learning environment rich with opportunities for our students.

An integral part of providing these opportunities is the support of the PHSC Foundation. Your contributions have funded scholarships for students, campus improvement projects, classroom equipment, technology upgrades and the overall mission of the College.

With your support of the 2013 PHSC Employee Giving Campaign, we can increase our margin of excellence. Our goal is for 80 percent participation, no matter how large or small the donation. You will receive a “PHSC Donor” ribbon to proudly wear on your name badge and recognition in the annual report and PHSC website. You will also be eligible for the many exciting contests and prizes planned throughout the campaign.

Discover what your gift supports
The purpose of the PHSC Foundation is to enable the College to achieve its goals. The support of private donors allows the Foundation to provide about $1.2 million to the College annually.

Help us reach our goal

Year Participation Employees Amount Raised
2009 50% 182 of 366 $29,928
2010 54% 221 of 408 $29,817
2011 63% 269 of 425 $32,455
2012 76% 330 of 434 $38,802
2013 80.56% 340 of 422 $50,262

PHSC initiatives supported by the Foundation in 2013 include:

  • Scholarship awards each year
  • Technology projects, equipment and library resources
  • Campus construction and renovation
  • Staff and faculty development, faculty research chairs and sabbaticals
  • Student recruitment and retention programs
  • Employee orientation
  • Employee service awards
  • Teaching Excellence Award
  • All College Day

Faculty and staff development awards recipients

  • Courtney A. Boettcher
  • Jean M. Adams
  • Caitlin M. Gille
  • Constance A. LaMarca-Frankel
  • Lydia A. Massias
  • Paul E. Mayer
  • Guy W. McCann
  • Melissa S. McNulty
  • Julie S. Monsegur
  • David L. Sullivan
  • M. Stacey Thomson

Most donors choose to make an unrestricted gift, which is directed where the need is greatest. Other donors choose to restrict their gifts to specific initiatives.

Decide on a level for your gift
Giving is a personal decision. Your participation reflects a strong commitment to the College and its future. Employee giving is so important to the success of the College that we encourage all employees to give at any level. The power that each employee has to impact the future, even with a small gift, is tremendous! Having a successful Employee Giving Campaign is not only a wonderful example of the generosity of our family of employees, but it is a crucial speaking point when foundation staff is meeting with potential donors as well as a critical question on many grant requests. To be able to report that PHSC employees are so passionate about the mission that they are willing to make a charitable contribution, even during tough economic times, makes a lasting impact.

Scholarship student, Jackie Kanaris
““…Your generosity and support, along with the knowledge and inspiration I received during my time at PHSC, that has empowered me to make a difference in the lives of my patients daily as an RN. Thank you, your commitment to our community is making all the difference in empowering students like me to further their education and pursue their dreams.”” --Jackie Kanaris, scholarship recipient

How to give
One of the fastest, easiest and most convenient ways to make a gift is through payroll deduction. By completing the payroll deduction form, you decide how much to be automatically deducted from each paycheck and where your support may be designated. Payroll deduction will continue until the Foundation receives written notice from you to increase, decrease or stop deductions.

If you choose to give $1 per pay period, you will have a total contribution of $24 by the end of one year. A gift of $5 per pay period allows for a total contribution of $120. You can determine the size of your gift according to your financial capacity. No gift is too small.

You may also make a contribution to the Foundation by completing the response card and enclosing a gift. Please contact the Foundation if you would like to discuss named gift opportunities or have additional questions on directing your support.

2013 Committee Members

  • East Campus
    Barbara Craig
    Elizabeth Reichow
    Wendy Villa
  • North Campus
    Jo Ann Cary
    Cary Cox
  • Spring Hill Campus
    Karin Glessner
  • West Campus
    Courtney Boettcher
    Maria Hixon
    Julie Monsegur
    Pat Oles
    Ed Siegel
    Debby Strasser
    Jodi Van Slee


2013 Campaign Donors - Together We Did!

Jean Adams
Scott Aldrich
Deborah Anderson
Maria Anderson
Sandra Anderson
Ahmy Arca
Imani Asukile
Hank Ausse
Judy Austad
Robert Bade
Gail Badger
Lori Bainum
Kaley Balfour
Stephen Baricko
Tiffany Baricko
Lillian Bartilucci
Ananyo Basu
Klaudia Baszak
Jan Baynar
Tim Beard
Wendy Beard
Michelle Beermann
Cindy Bellamy
Rena Bello
Chris Bibbo
Chrissy Bilodeau
Anita Bishop
Cheryl Bloom
Elizabeth Bobbie
Courtney Boettcher
Ricci Bohaboy
Lea Bohanan
Kymberly Bohart
Mark Bomgardner
Barbara Booker
Beverly Borawski
Donna Bourbeau
Kathy Brantley
Diana Brinker
Rene Brioso
Heather Brooks
Dennis Brown
Edith Buffington
Ralph Buglione
Michelle Bullwinkel
Nancy Bunch
Ann Bunting
Donna Burdzinski
Ken Burdzinski
Margie Burnham
Doug Butler
Ray Calvert
Clara Capote
Charlene Carcaro
Merissa Carlisle
Mary Carpenter
Kristin Carpenter
Estéla Carrion
Gary Carson
Kathleen Carufel
Jo-ann Cary
Rick Casey
Medali Castro
Linda Chamberlain
Shirley Cherry
Theresa Chin-Hing
Wojciech Chojna
Adam Christiansen
Nancy Claassen
Bonnie Clark
Geri Cochran
Georgia Coleman
John Collins
Karen Connell
Jill Cook
Melanie Cooksey
Gary Cors
Geralyn Coss
Ronda Covington
Teddy Cox
Cary Cox
Carla Cozart
Barbara Craig
Dallas Crick
Kevin Cronin
Jennifer Curtis
Vince Daviero
Mel Davies
Eva Davis
Laura Davis-Rotolo
Amy de la Zerda
Janet Dean
James Definis
Judy Deisler
Nancy DeMaio
John DeVito
Victoria DeVito
Rhonda Dodge
Charlene Donatello
Brenda Dotson
Mike Dowell
Louise Downey
Kaitlyn Downing
Richard Downing
Casey Driscoll
Debby Duncan
Helen Durgen
Susan Duwa
Donna Earnest
Jacqueline Eden
Elaine Ellerbee
Stacey English
Natalie Epo
Michael Fanning
Michele Fay
Sarah Fede
Mary Fenimore
Vicki Ferguson
John Fey
Maria Fiene
Ashley Flatt
Bridget Folsom
William Foskey II
Dava Fratello
James Friend
Viv Friend
Billie Gabbard
Patricia Garcia
Jennifer Gardner-Snell
Jeanne Gasque
Lisa Gentile
Artem Geyvandov
Stanley Giannet
Marcia Gilbert
Caitlin Gille
Karin Glessner
Ellen Gomes
Ed Goolsby
Ron Green
Mike Grotto
Karl Haller
Jenny Hammock
Burt Harres, Jr.
Amy Hart
Brianne Hayes
Julie Hendriksen
Nancy Henninger
Breana Hidalgo
Luz-Ayde Himelhoch
Jessica Hinds
Maria Hixon
Joyce Hoke
Deborah Holdsworth
Cyril Hollister
Charlene Holmes
Catherine Honaker
Brian Horn
Tracy Horn
Kelly Houck
Kathleen Hughes De Sousa
Barbara Hyde
Hilda Igor
Steven Insalaco
Gary Johns
Alyssa Johnson
Katherine Johnson
Larry Johnson
Linda Johnson
Faustine Judd
Rick Kay
Karen Kielar
Edward Kincade
Shauna Kincade
Kathleen Kneiss
Theresa Kraft
Andrew Krauer
Connie LaMarca-Frankel
Delma Laracuente
Daniyal Laryea
Catherine Lavicka
Karen Lederer
Carol Lewis
Robert Lewis
Rosanna Licht
Ben Longo
Ana Lopez
Donna Low
Ellen Lundquist
Christine Lyons
Sandre Lyons
Emily Mahoney
Mary Manning
Patricia Marschner
Mary Masinick
Lydia Massias
Sue Matheny
Jacqueline May
John May
Paul Mayer, Jr.
Dave Mayler, Jr.
Guy McCann
Jennifer McCool
Darcy McDowell
Patricia McGee
Fionna McGillivray
Nancy McGrotty
Debra McGuigan
Kay McKamy
Gayla McLaughlin
James McLaughlin
John McMurdo
Melissa McNulty
Julia Mea
Pamela Medley
Barbara Miller
Lucy Miller
Michele Miller
Nicole Miller
Wayne Miller
Jessica Minnick
Regina Mirabella
Christina Mobbs
Kimberly Molina
Julie Monsegur
Carlos Montenegro
Cathie Morey
Ann Marie Morton
Joyce Myers
Shelley Nappier
Deborah Nastelli
Wendy Neeld
Cheryl O'Berry
Gary Oesch
Patricia Oles
Jaimie Pagels
Maya Pakhomova
Sheridan Park
Shawn Partin
Reecie Paul
Lydia Pawlowski
Jennie Pell
Gabriela Perez
Ursula Petherbridge
Patti Phillips
Dominique Phillips-Alvarez
Lynne Pinney
Kate Planer
Larry Poller
Jennifer Porter
Fred Prescott
Karen Preston
Billy Prezioso
Misty Price
Cynthia Prince
Chris Prockno
Ingrid Purrenhage
Deborah Quesinberry
Joy Raulerson
Robbin Rawlins
Jeanine Ray
Randall Reaves
Heather Reddig
Beth Reichow
David Reynolds
Maria Rhew
Lisa Richardson
Andy Rife
Robert Rios
Pamela Roberts
Patti Rocco
Sonia Rodriguez
Jayme Rothberg
Don Ruminer
Melissa Rushton
Barbara Russo
Thomas Ryan
Rafael Sanchez
Linda Santella
Laura Santomenno
Curtis Scaglione, Jr.
Esther Scalf
Judy Schiffbauer
Terry Schneider
Steve Schroeder
Jan Scott
Scott Scurlock
Geraldine Sekelsky
Rodney Shaffer
Stacie Shaffer
Becky Shanafelt
Carol Shimer
Bill Shustowski
Ed Siegel
Mary Slaughter
Carol Smith
Jason Smith
Keith Smith
Patti Smith
Eric Spaziani
Jessica Staller
Todd Staller
Randall Stovall
Debby Strasser
Danny Street
Carolyn Struble
David Sullivan
Terry Sumner
Dawn Sunday
Ed Sweda
Marianne Swihart
Michelle Swingle
Cathy Tessaro
Ron Thiessen
Jim Thigpen
Stacey Thomson
Concepcion Tijerino
Francine Townsend
Jennifer Van Matre
Jodi Van Slee
David Velazquez
Rosa Vella-Murray
Jennifer Veloff
Wendy Villa
Susan Vowels
Wanda Vyborny
Amber Watson
William Watson
Janice Werthmiller
Jason Wetherington
Christopher White
Jessica White
Patricia White
Gail Whitfield
John Whitlock
Kim Whitney
Fred Whittinghill
Jennifer Wiatrowski
Glynis Williams
Kim Williams
Wendy Williams
Holly Wilson
Reggie Wilson
Christopher Wilt
Steve Winterling
Valerie Wise
Maria Witherell
Sandra Wohlers
Lisa Wolfson
Terry Wood
Sherry Wooten
Carole Ann Wouters
Phyllis Wrench
Paul Wright
Ranita Wyatt
Arlene York
Marjorie Young