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Plus 50 Completion Initiative

plus 50 logoFor adults age 50 and up, getting back on the job is no easy matter in times of high unemployment rates. Thanks to a new grant from Lumina Foundation for Education and support from the American Association of Community Colleges (AACC) Plus 50 Initiative, Pasco-Hernando State College will be helping more plus 50 adults complete college and attain the skills they need to get hired.

The Plus 50 Completion Initiative aims to help plus 50 workers who are still struggling to recover from the economic recession that sparked record unemployment levels and decimated retirement accounts. According to the Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), unemployed older adults were the least likely to find jobs, with only about 15 percent of them finding jobs each month in 2009.

Education credentials will be needed for the jobs of the future. The BLS predicts that 30 percent of the nation's fastest-growing occupations will be filled by people who have a postsecondary education credential.

Nationally, there is some evidence that adult learners are "stopping out" of higher education right now, unsure of what they should be taking to prepare for the economy's turn-around so they take nothing and wait. However, simply "waiting it out" puts a potential employee at the back of the pack of applicants, behind those who have been building their skill-sets and resumes with core elements in English, Math, Sciences and Social Sciences, Arts and Communications, Computer Operations, and Business. All of these areas are critical to any employer, and help an applicant show a real commitment to both self-improvement and their employer's success.

For those who hesitate returning to college because they lack basic math and computer skills, PHSC will offer refresher classes in these areas.