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E-learning FAQ

What are e-learning courses?
E-learning courses are classes that either do not require a student to attend classes on campus or may require a small number of class meetings. They do not differ in content from on-campus courses. At PHSC, e-learning courses consist of online and hybrid courses. To find out more, please visit  eStudent resources.
What are hybrid courses?
Hybrid courses are classes that blend online and face-to-face delivery.
What types of online courses are offered?
Please visit the online schedule of classes and select Internet for the delivery method.
Can I obtain my degree online?
PHSC offers the Associate in Arts and Bachelor of Nursing degrees and some certificate programs online. Please see an advisor for more information.
What are web-enhanced courses?
Web-enhanced courses are on-campus courses where the instructor uses myPHSC or the web to supplement their instruction. It can include online testing, retrieving materials, submitting assignments, discussion forums, or any combination of the items listed above.
How do I login to myPHSC?
On the myPHSC home page, the box labeled “How do I logon?” includes detailed instructions for determining your username and password. Please follow those instructions.