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Student Aid Report (SAR)

Students who complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) will receive a Student Aid Report within three to five business days after the date they submit the application. The SAR is the official determination by the federal government about whether or not a student qualifies for different types of federal assistance.

Eligible SAR

Many students will receive a SAR that indicates that they are eligible to receive federal financial aid. Once a student receives their SAR, they may contact the financial aid office to begin the process of determining and verifying their award(s). It is important that students supply all information requested by the Financial Aid office. See verification requirements, below, for additional information.

Ineligible SAR

Occasionally, the federal government will determine a student to be ineligible for financial aid. Many students who receive this notice on their SAR believe that they do not qualify for any assistance. While qualifying for assistance may be difficult, often the financial aid office can direct students to alternative sources of financial aid (such as private scholarships, student work assistant programs, student loans and so forth).

If a student receives a SAR that indicates that they did not qualify for federal assistance, they should contact the Financial Aid office. It may be possible to qualify or direct them to other financial aid assistance that may help them enroll or continue enrollment in college. Students should continually monitor financial aid office bulletin boards to determine if assistance is available through those alternative means.

Verification and Corrections
PHSC’s financial aid office processes and submit corrections electronically for the Student Aid Reports (SAR) to the Department of Education. The US DOE transmits the correction to their servicer, Central Processing Center (CPS), who is contracted to process the financial aid applications. The procedures for corrections and updates apply to all federal student aid applicants. Verification is the process of checking the accuracy of the information supplied by the student with other verifiable information.

Verification requirements

  • SAR selected by CPS: SARs that have a "*" symbol following the EFC numbers indicate that the student was selected for verification by the CPS. If the SAR is selected for verification, the student may be required to submit a copy of his/her (and spouse’s or parent(s)’s, if applicable) signed IRS Tax Return Transcript. A Tax Return Transcript may be requested directly from the IRS on their website at or by phone at 1-800-908-9946. The student is required to complete the Institutional Verification form that is available at the campus Financial Aid office or on our financial aid forms page. Other documentation may be requested by PHSC, depending upon the information provided on the SAR.
  • Low income: If the student is independent or a parent of a dependent student and the total income reported on the SAR is under $5,000, students are requested to complete PHSC’s Low Income Verification document.
  • Child support paid: Students reporting payment of child support receive a lower expected family contribution on the SAR.
  • Additional dependents not on tax return: If students report a dependent who is not the child of the student (or parents, if applicable) and if this dependent was not listed on the student’s (or parent(s)’s, if applicable) tax return, they must submit documentation that they provide over 50 percent of the support to the listed dependent.
  • Students requesting change to income reported on SAR: If the student indicates that a correction is needed to the income, household size, and/or number in college, the student must submit documentation to validate the changes requested. Documentation is required for auditing purposes.

Correction procedures

If corrections are needed, the financial aid office will process and submit the corrections electronically to the Department of Education, as long as PHSC is listed as one of the schools requested to receive the SAR record.

  • If PHSC is listed as the school to receive the SAR document electronically, the Financial Aid office will download the SAR into PHSC’s student records system and process the correction. Within three to five business days, the student will receive an acknowledgment notice from the CPS, once the correction is processed. The financial aid office will receive the corrected SAR electronically. Upon electronic receipt of the corrected SAR, the financial aid office will complete the student’s financial aid file. The student will then be mailed an award letter indicating their eligibility for assistance or an ineligibility letter indicating that they do not qualify for the grant programs.
  • If PHSC is not listed as one of the schools the student selected to receive the SAR electronically, PHSC is unable to process the necessary corrections immediately for the student. The steps necessary to correct the SAR are as follows:
    1. The student must sign the SAR to permit PHSC to transmit electronically the addition of PHSC’s school code to the SAR. This can only be done if there is a DRN on the student’s SAR. If not, the student must call 1-800-4- FED-AID and request the school code add-on. Within two to three weeks, the student will receive an acknowledgment notice from the CPS indicating that PHSC was added to the SAR. Please note: Most students do not receive SARs anymore and will need their PIN number to make corrections for the school code add-on.
    2. Upon receipt of student’s data in PHSC’s financial aid database, the financial aid office will input the necessary correction data for transmission to the CPS. The student will receive another acknowledgment notice from the CPS, this time indicating the corrections submitted by the financial aid office. Upon electronic receipt of the corrected SAR, the financial aid office will complete the student’s financial aid file. The student will receive an award letter indicating eligibility for assistance or an ineligibility letter indicating that he or she does not qualify for the grant programs.
    3. If PHSC is not listed on the SAR, the length of time necessary to process the corrections and begin the awarding process is extended by as much as three weeks. Make sure PHSC’s code (010652) is on your form!

All corrected SARs must be submitted or received electronically by June 30, 2015 for the 2014-2015 academic year. Failure to provide the documentation necessary to complete the verification process by the established deadline may result in loss or repayment of financial aid awarded.

Helpful Hints

  • Record accurate information onto the FAFSA
  • Clearly print letters and numbers onto the FAFSA
  • Ensure the Social Security number is correct
  • Answer all applicable sections of the FAFSA
  • Ensure PHSC’s institutional code (010652) is on the FAFSA