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High School Programs

Dual Enrollment

High school students have the opportunity to earn college or technical credit at PHSC by applying for admission as dual enrollment students. Students from Pasco or Hernando County public schools and students from nonpublic schools (including home schools that have certified their curriculum meets State of Florida standards) may become eligible for dual enrollment if their school has a formal articulation agreement with PHSC. High school dual enrollment means the student is enrolled in high school and simultaneously enrolls in college or specific technical credit courses, taught by PHSC, which are counted toward high school graduation.

For more information, visit our Dual Enrollment page.

Collegiate High School

The PHSC Collegiate High School Program is designed for public school students in eleventh and twelfth grades who reside in either Pasco County or Hernando County. Public high school students enrolled in the PHSC Collegiate High School Program are eligible to successfully earn their high school diploma while completing 30 or more hours towards an associate in arts or associate in science degree and, if they choose, earn CAPE industry certifications.

Students interested in participating in the PHSC Collegiate High School Program should consult their public school counselor for additional academic qualifications for participation and deadlines regarding the application process.


Program Contracts

Early College Admission

Public and certain nonpublic (including home schools that have certified their curriculum meets State of Florida standards) high school students, may enroll at PHSC full time upon submission of a completed Application for Admission: Dual Enrollment High School Student form, official high school (unweighted) grade point average (GPA) documentation, and permission of the appropriate high school administrator. Credit earned applies toward high school graduation and college credit.