Curriculum and Requirements

This Industrial Management Technology program is designed for articulation for technical certificates issued at Florida technical centers and Florida state colleges. These programs are traditionally referred to as postsecondary adult programs and run on a clock-hour basis. Students completing postsecondary adult programs have the technical training needed for employment. This program will give those students the managerial and supervisory training needed to assist them in job advancement.

To be eligible to articulate into this program, students must have completed a state approved postsecondary adult certificate at a state technical center or Florida state college in an industrial program such as:

Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, and Heating     (1350 hours)
Applied Welding Technology     (1170 hours)
Automotive Service Technology     (1800 hours)
Automotive Collision Repair and Refinishing     (1400 hours)
Building Construction Technology     (1050 hours)
Cabinetmaking     (1200 hours)
Carpentry     (1200 hours)
Commercial Art Technology     (1500 hours)
Commercial Foods and Culinary Arts     (1200 hours)
Computer Systems Technology     (1650 hours)
Cosmetology     (1200 hours)
Electricity     (1200 hours)
Heavy Duty Truck and Bus Mechanics     (1680 hours)
Industrial Machinery Maintenance & Repair     (1350 hours)
Interior Décor Fabrication     (1050 hours)
Interior Decorating Services     (1050 hours)
Manufacturing Technology (Machining)     (1500 hours)
Marine Service Technology     (1350 hours)
Printing and Graphic Communications     (1800 hours)
Television Production     (1650 hours)

Students must arrange to have official transcripts sent to the PHSC Admissions and Student Records office. Eligible students will be awarded 24 or 27 credits (based upon length of program) toward the technical skill training requirement in this degree. These credits are to be used in the Industrial Management Technology program only. Prior to the award of credit, students must successfully complete 15 credits in the program. Upon completion of the 15 credits, students need to contact the PHSC Admissions and Student Records office to apply for certificates.

Program Code: AS-IMT

Credits Awarded for Postsecondary Adult Programs

  • 1,500 or more hours 27 cr.
  • 900 to 1,450 hours 24 cr.
  • Credits will be required in the following areas:

  • General Education 18 cr.
  • Industrial Management Courses 15-18 cr.
  • Articulated Credit for Technical Skills Training 24–27 cr.
  • General Education Requirements:

    • ENC 1101 - English Composition I 3 cr.
    • CGS 1100 - Microcomputer Applications 3 cr.
    • Any Area III Mathematics course listed in the Associate in Science Degree Program Requirements 3 cr.
    • Any Area III Natural Science course listed in the Associate in Science Degree Program Requirements 3 cr.
    • Elective Area II listed in the Associate in Science Degree Program Requirements 3 cr.
    • Elective Area IV listed in the Associate in Science Degree Program Requirements 3 cr. 

    Hours: 18

    Industrial Management Courses:

    Hours: 12

    Technology Electives: (Choose one or two courses as needed to complete the 60 total hours required for this degree.)

    Total Hours: 60