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Internship FAQ

What is an internship?
A paid or unpaid work site experience where students work for an employer or agency and are supervised in conjunction with a college instructor.
Do I receive college credit for an internship?
Yes. See each internship course description for the number of credits.
What internship opportunities are available?
PHSC offers several internships. Contact your advisor to determine if a course is a requirement for your program of study.
How do I sign up for this opportunity?
  • Ensure that you meet the prerequisite requirements for the internship course you are considering.
  • Complete an Internship Request form in Career and Testing Services at the West Campus (New Port Richey) or the Student Development office at the other campuses.
  • Submit an approved resume with the completed Internship Request form
  • If you have met all requirements, you will be notified by mail or email and instructed on how to register for the program