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Internship Terms

Business Intern Request
The Business Intern Request is the formal request form that a business must fill out in order to be considered as a potential placement site for a student intern.
Business Partner Agreement
The Business Partner Agreement is a written agreement between a business partner and PHSC outlining the responsibilities for participation as an Internship Program Business Partner.
Business supervisor
The business supervisor is the designated employee at the business site responsible for overseeing the training and work experience of the student intern at the work site. This representative will make task assignments for the student and will assist in the evaluation of the student’s performance.
College credit
College credit refers to the specific level of credit that the student intern will receive for successful participation in the Internship Program. (MNA 2941/CIS2930, with successful completion, will earn three college credits.)
Credit hours
Credit hours refers to the number of college credit hours that are assigned to the course by the college governing board. MNA 2941 Internship in Business will equate to three credit hours.
Experiential learning
Experiential learning occurs as a direct result of a specific set of on-the-job learning tasks.
Faculty supervisor (instructor supervisor)
This is the PHSC faculty member who serves as the academic supervisor to the student intern during the course of the internship.
Field experience
This is a work-based experience that is obtained as an out-of-class assignment.
An intern is a student who has met all PHSC prerequisites for participation in the Internship Program and has met all other requirements for placement at a pre-approved business site.
Intern supervisor
This is the PHSC faculty member or a designated business partner who will be responsible for specific skill and task supervision of a student intern.
Internship Business Partner
This is a business partner who has agreed to provide a business supervisor for a PHSC student intern at their business site.
Internship contact hours
These are the hours a student will spend under supervision by a business supervisor at the business site. (A minimum of 90 hours are required for the Internship in Business and Information Technology Internship.)
Learning Agreement
This is the written agreement between the student intern, faculty supervisor and business supervisor designating the tasks and behaviors for which the student will be expected to demonstrate proficiency by the end of their internship term.
Learning objectives
Learning objectives are the specific tasks and behaviors written for each student intern based upon each student intern’s unique work site assignment.
Prerequisites include all requirements that must be met before a student may be considered a candidate for the Internship Program.
Program skills
These are the skills requiring academic application of knowledge or research to enhance acquisition of knowledge. Program skills will be determined for each student intern by the faculty supervisor.
This is the formal process through which a student becomes a registered student in a course, i.e., MNA 2941/CIS2930. No student may participate in a course without being registered through the PHSC course registration process. The Internship Program requires that the student present a letter of authorization indicating program and registration eligibility from West Campus Career and Testing Services.
Student Internship Request
This is the written form through which students may request a review of their college transcript to determine eligibility for participation in the Internship Program.
Training site
A training site is a business partner’s work site where the student intern completes the training related activities.
Work site hours
These are hours a student intern will spend with the business supervisor at the business site. (A minimum of 90 work site hours are required to complete the contact hour requirements for the internship; see Internship contact hours, above.)
Work site skills
These are the specific skills that a student intern will be expected to perform during the internship period. A portion of the student’s performance grade will be determined by demonstrating proficiency in these skills.