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Wells Fargo Foundation provides $10,000 grant for PHCC Concept College program

The Pasco-Hernando Community College Foundation recently received a $10,000 grant from the Wells Fargo Foundation to fund the Concept College program at PHCC.

Concept College is an outreach program for middle and high school students who are economically disadvantaged, minorities, teen parents, disabled, migrant, retrieved dropouts, or otherwise non-traditional. Many of these special population students have little or no expectation of attending college. The program is coordinated with the Pasco and Hernando County School Districts, which cooperate with PHCC in identifying at-risk students through its Dropout Prevention programs and Exceptional Student Education (ESE) department. PHCC implemented Concept College to encourage high-risk youth to envision career options and contemplate college as a path to success. 

For more information on the PHCC Foundation, please call 727-816-3410.

Release date: 
March 5, 2013
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