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Baseball Field Facts

Dimensions 330' Right, 350' Right-Center, 400' Center, 365' Left-Center, 330' Left
Height of fence 8'
Playing surface Natural Grass (Bermuda)
Opening day February 7, 1992
First game result PHCC 7, Saint Leo JV 4
First pitch Curve ball for a strike by Brian Dalton
First run Nathaniel Maura (PHCC)
First hit Scott Norman (PHCC), single to left field
First RBI Tim Yocum (PHCC), single to score Nathaniel Maura, 2nd inning
First batter Al Pleivier (Saint Leo)
First putout Scott Batsch (PHCC), strikeout of Al Pleivier
First assist O'Brien (Saint Leo) on Milton Anderson ground ball
First double Nathaniel Maura (PHCC), 2nd inning
First triple Mike Bell (PHCC), 2-12-92 vs. St. Petersburg JC, 6th inning
First home run Ted Couch (St. Petersburg JC), 2-12-92, 7th inning