Nursing (RN) Generic FAQ

How do I apply for the Nursing (RN) Generic program?
  1. Submit a completed PHSC admission application with application fee
  2. Once admitted to the College, speak with an advisor to identify prerequisite courses.
  3. After all prerequisite courses are satisfactorily completed, you must take the Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS)
  4. Submit a completed program application and limited access application fee for the Generic nursing program once steps two and three are complete
I will be completing my last prerequisite course, but it will not be finished before the deadline date. Should I still apply for a seat in the next class?
No. All requirements must be completed by the deadline date. You will need to apply during the next application period, after completing all prerequisites.
On what basis are students selected?
The Nursing (RN) Generic program (AS-NGT) is competitive entry. Applicants who apply and meet the minimum requirements for a given admissions semester will be selected based upon their prerequisite GPA and valid TEAS test scores. Residents of Pasco and Hernando Counties will receive residency preference when determining their overall score during the selection process.
Can I apply if I do not live in Pasco or Hernando counties?
Yes, you can apply; however, Pasco and Hernando County residents will receive preference when determining their admission score.
When will I find out if I have been selected for the next nursing class?
The Selection Committee will meet in mid October for January applications and in mid June for August applications and letters should be sent out by the end of October for January admission and late June for August admission.
I am very anxious to find out about my application. Can I call the nursing program or my advisor to find out if I have been accepted? Can they email me?
No. This information will be sent by postal mail. It will not be released by phone or email.
If I am not selected this year, can I reapply in subsequent years?
Yes, you may reapply each year.
I was picked as an alternate for last class, but was not selected. Does this mean that I will automatically be selected the following year?
No, anyone not selected for admission, as alternate or otherwise, must reapply for subsequent years.
I took the TEAS last year. Can I retake the TEAS to try to get a higher score?

The TEAS may be taken three times per calendar year (Jan–Dec) with at least 30 days between testing.

I dropped out of the nursing program and want to reenter.
If you dropped the nursing program in your first semester without successfully completing a single NUR course, you must reapply. If you completed one or more NUR courses successfully, you should contact the associate dean of nursing for instructions regarding reentry.