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  • Male and female professionals
  • EMS/paramedic students
  • Nursing student
  • Law enforcement students

Career Programs

PHSC provides career guidance, preparation, training, and the support that you need to achieve your career goals—in business, health, industry and technology, and public service.

Career Programs at PHSC

Business Careers

A successful career in business requires:

  • specialized, organizational skills
  • dynamic, outgoing personality
  • a business and management education
  • communication and leadership experience

Health Careers

A career in health care requires:

  • specialized, technical skills
  • caring, but composed personality
  • a science and health education
  • clinical and clerical experience

Industry and Technology Careers

A career in industry and technology requires:

  • organizational and analytical skills
  • creative, problem-solving abilities
  • technical training and education
  • hands-on experience

Public Service Careers

A career in public service requires:

  • advanced oral and written communication skills
  • compassionate personality
  • specialized education
  • hands-on experience