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Accounting Technology—Associate in Science

Accounting technology professionals are responsible for financial recordkeeping within an organization. Using sophisticated accounting software programs, accounting staff help track income and expenses to assist with inventory management and strategic planning. These professionals are entrusted with some of a company’s most confidential data – its financial information.

To work in the accounting technology field, personnel must be honest and trustworthy. They must be detail oriented to avoid making errors and to recognize those that others have made. Math skills will be utilized daily. Accounting and financial clerks should be comfortable with all basic computer functions and willing to keep current on new technologies and software programs to help their employers increase productivity.


The purpose of this program is to prepare students for employment as accounts receivable coordinators, accounts payable coordinators, bookkeepers, credit and collection coordinators, payroll coordinators, accountants, auditors and other accounting paraprofessionals in advanced professional accounting occupations.

Program content prepares students in the principles, procedures and theories of organizing, recording and maintaining financial records and preparing financial statements for internal and external use.


This program can be completed in approximately two years if students attend classes on a full-time basis.


This program can be completed on the East Campus in Dade City, North Campus in Brooksville and West Campus in New Port Richey. General education courses and some business courses may be completed on the Spring Hill Campus.


All courses for this degree are offered in a traditional classroom setting. At least 75 percent of the courses from this program are also offered online.