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Associate in Arts Degree—Overview

The Associate in Arts degree program is a 60 credit hour program designed to prepare students for transfer to a university. After successfully completing the AA degree at PHSC, you are guaranteed admission at the junior level into one of Florida’s 11 public universities or 15 state colleges, but not necessarily to the university or program of your choice. Transfer students must compete for admission to limited access programs. PHSC’s Associate in Arts degree program provides academic courses that are equal in content and quality to those at Florida’s state universities. Specific admission requirements apply to students wishing to enter this program.

Admission requirements

To be admitted to the AA or AS programs, students must ensure that the following documents have been received by the Admissions and Student Records office, New Port Richey campus:

  • A PHSC Application for Admission indicating the intent to pursue an AA or AS program or, if no program is indicated on the PHSC Application, a Program Declaration form signed by the appropriate advisement staff; and
  • An official high school transcript indicating graduation and receipt of a Standard High School diploma or an official Report of GED scores indicating receipt of a high school equivalency diploma; and
  • An official transcript from each college or university attended.

Students graduating from home study programs should consult the Director of Admissions and Student Records regarding requirements for admission to degree programs. Students who have received special diplomas are not eligible for admission to degree programs.