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Drafting and Design Technology―Associate in Science

Drafters and designers produce schematic drawings and instrumentation diagrams and drawings of finished products. While trained to use traditional drafting machines, rules, curves, triangles and other drawing tools, most professional drafters and designers use computer-aided design software (CAD). Most drafters are expected to create freehand drawings and often incorporate lettering and label information to complete final design projects. Many areas of specialization offer unique opportunities within the field, each with its own collection of skills related to civil, electrical, electronic and mechanical architecture.

Successful drafting and design professionals combine computer ability with a proficiency in measurement, critical thinking and communication. Drafters and designers must be able to visually interpret concepts and work with engineers to give form to ideas.


The purpose of this program is to prepare individuals for employment in the drafting and design and computer drafting and design fields. This program emphasizes theoretical knowledge required for a variety of drafting positions in building and manufacturing industries. The Associate in Science degree in Drafting and Design Technology includes a certificate in AutoCAD Foundations.


This program can be completed in approximately two years if students attend classes on a full-time basis.


This program is located on the West Campus in New Port Richey. Many of the general education courses in the program can be taken on any PHSC campus.