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Fire Science Technology―Associate in Science

Fire science service professionals are responsible for suppressing, inspecting and investigating fire related incidents. They may also conduct safety and building inspections to ensure federal, state and local fire codes are met and examine occupancies for fire hazards. These professionals are also responsible for the inspection of fire protection and fire extinguishing equipment to ensure that it is in working order. The associate's degree in fire science provides a balanced, global foundation for the skills necessary to succeed in today’s fire service industry.

To work in the field of fire protection, personnel must be detail oriented and possess strong communication skills. Inspectors and investigators must be able to think critically in order to analyze data and evidence to draw reasonable conclusions. They must also be able to recognize code violations and maintain consistent methods in enforcement. As the fire service profession is continually evolving, the men and women of today’s fire service must be well equipped to tackle the challenges of administration, budgeting, engineering and design, as well as deliver a high degree of customer service.


The purpose of this program is to prepare students for advancement as fire inspectors and investigators, fire science technicians, fire officers, fire safety inspectors, fire assistants, safety inspectors, building inspectors, fire insurance investigators/inspectors, or to provide supplemental training for persons previously or currently employed in these occupations.


This program can be completed in approximately two years if students attend classes on a full-time basis.


This degree program can be completed on the East Campus in Dade City.