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Florida CMS Correctional Basic Recruit Training Program―Technical Certificate

Correctional officers are responsible for overseeing individuals who have been arrested, are awaiting trial or imprisoned. Officers must maintain security, and prevent disturbances and assaults. If prisoners compromise the safety of citizens, inmates or employees of the facilities that house them, these professionals are held accountable. Often, correctional officers supervise inmate work assignments and enforce rules and regulations that foster a secure, orderly environment.

Correctional officers must remain fair and consistent and have excellent verbal and written communication skills. Officers must also be in good health.


The purpose of this program is to prepare students for entry-level employment as correctional officers. The program is prescribed by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission (CJSTC) in accordance with Florida Statutes.


Upon successful completion of the program, the cadet will be eligible to take the Florida State Officer Certification examination in order to become a certified law enforcement officer.


This program can be completed in approximately one year if students attend classes on a full-time basis.


This program can be completed on the East Campus in Dade City.