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Law Enforcement Officer Crossover to Florida CMS Correctional Basic Recruit Training Program—Technical Certificate

Law enforcement officers may find themselves wanting to transition into a career in corrections or earn dual certifications. Correctional officers guard prisoners and maintain order and security in correctional facilities. They look out for unusual behavior, rule infractions and any activity that is deemed suspicious in nature. They will inspect inmates and visitors for possession of illegal or hazardous materials, search inmate cells for prohibited objects and conduct head counts. They also maintain reports, records and data logs.

Correctional officers must be socially perceptive, observant of their surroundings, and interpretive. They should be in good physical health and have solid written and oral communication skills.


The purpose of this program is to train students who want a dual certification in law enforcement and corrections. To take the program courses, students must provide evidence they have completed a Law Enforcement Officer Basic Recruit Training program and passed the State Officer Certification Examination. Upon satisfactory completion of the courses listed, students will be eligible to take the State Officer Certification Examination for Correctional Officers. Successful scores on both state exams enable the student to receive dual certification as a correctional officer and as a law enforcement officer. This program is the Criminal Justice Standards & Training Commission approved Law Enforcement Officer Crossover Training to Florida CMS Correctional Officer Basic Recruit Training program.


This program can be completed in less than one year if students attend classes on a full-time basis.


This program is offered at the East Campus in Dade City.